Why You Should Not Hesitate To Offshore

20 Nov 2017

Offshoring continues to prove it is a viable business strategy that should be adopted. As a trend shaping the future of business, it is understandable that there can be initial hesitation in adapting and implementing it at first.

What Makes Businesses Hesitant to Offshore

Through our survey, we asked different businesses what made them hesitant to offshore. We also allowed for them to cite as many reasons as possible if needed. From their responses, we saw 45.45% of businesses stayed hesitant due to a lack of understanding of how offshoring can benefit them. However, as the global market expands with new technologies in place, more companies are opening up to offshoring’s possibilities.

There were other key concerns that companies had with implementing an offshore strategy. According the survey, 36.36% were hesitant about a successful implementation and the quality of work, while 22.73% considered the possible language barrier the biggest hurdle. Just 27.27% of respondents had an overall negative idea of what offshoring is about.

Although a negative perception towards offshoring exists, it is not as prevalent a concern among business owners surveyed for the state of offshoring in Australia. From the outset, many of the issues identified by business owners all stem from the initial concern of lacking an understanding of offshoring as a practice.

The continuing trend of Offshoring

There has never been a better time to consider offshoring than today. With the right provider assisting them, they can assess how offshoring benefits them, what possible risks may arise and if it ultimately is something their business needs. Through proper education and setting time to fully grasp what offshoring is about, many of the undermined issues would easily be resolved. Perceptions are changing and businesses are now seeing that offshoring is a smart decision.

For an in-depth look at why companies should no longer hesitate to consider offshoring as a business strategy, download the report on the State of Offshoring in Australia today.