Setting Goals For The Year In Diversify

Being part of Diversify’s monthly huddles often means feeling a fun party atmosphere. Whether it’s a disco themed party or recreating concerts, you can see that the organizers enjoy going all out with their presentation. Sometimes however, dialing back what you want to present might be the best course of action. For our teams in our Makati office, this is exactly what happened.

The first monthly huddle for the year in Makati was certainly much different. Gone were the use of loud music, intricate set decorations and bombastic hosts. Instead, the theme of the huddle revolved around two things: Goals and thankfulness. For one afternoon, Diversify’s Makati office looked back at what a successful year 2017 was for the company. In particular, they celebrated their many wins as one cohesive office group – from nearly sweeping the 2017 Sportsfest to once again having the best performance of the evening at the year end party.

All smiles as Diversify looks ahead to the new year.

It wasn’t just about looking to the past as well. Some huddle participants even shared what their goals and expectations were in front of everyone. In doing so, everyone in the Makati office was able to share their support in the hopes these goals are reached.

Some great memories from 2017 on our office wall.

Diversify puts great value in its people and its community. Last Friday’s huddle was a great reminder of why it is incredibly important to the company.

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