Why More Retailers are Offshoring Social Media Managers

8 Oct 2018

Social media makes it easier for people to interact with their favourite brands. Because of it’s accessibility, it provides to retail companies adds a layer of transparency that today’s consumers prefer. They connect on personal levels with brands that often makes them loyal to particular brands or retailers. This interactivity is mostly due from the work social media managers do.

More retail companies recognize the benefits of having social media managers and what they can do for their business. While platforms like Facebook and Twitter are seen as extensions of customer service, social media management requires a specialized skill set apart from the usual customer service representative. Their tasks are often misconstrued as simple when the truth is that their role is a lot more nuanced. Forward-thinking retailers already leverage social media managers to augment their customer service efforts.

Evolving Your Customer Service Team

It can be said that social media managers are the busiest people of any retail company. Because of social media’s reach and real-time interactions, social media teams need to be highly responsive and available 24/7.

Maintaining a strong social media impression is important in today’s business landscape.

As part of customer service, they interact with customers on a daily basis on various platforms. They establish a certain rapport that can lead to potential brand loyalty among consumers in the process. Retailers who successfully integrate their social media and their customer service will see more value added to the customer experience.

A Specialized Role

A common misconception for social media managers — and by extension customer service teams – is that they have an “easy” job that anyone can do. This often leads to the wrong assumption they can be replaced just as easily. Social media managers require analytical, strategic, creative, communications and other skills that set them apart from anyone who has an active presence on Twitter. As a top influencer puts it, “[it] involves being creative like an artist but also learning to be the ‘data scientist’.” In addition, many social media managers today have specialized knowledge in retail and other industries that can help when interacting with customers. This knowledge can help upsell your company’s products and services. When properly integrated to your company culture, they become fully invested in your vision and how you aim to reach more customers.

Shaping Your Online Reputation

In the age of social media, your customer service team is responsible for how your company is perceived. As a Forbes article puts it, customer service is called the “human face – or voice – of your brand”. Social media has made it easier for people to share their personal experiences with companies, whether positive or negative.

Social media greatly affects how consumers interact with different brands.

In a recent survey by Sprout Solutions, 81% of people said that social media has helped increase accountability among businesses, saying it helps encourage transparency and amplifies issues. Additionally, 45% of consumers said they use social media to share their positive experiences with a brand. With a good, well-trained customer service team, they will be able to provide quality service and support that customers will rave about.

Finding the best Social Media Managers

Quality customer service is essential for medium, large or listed companies. While resources may be available locally, it can be a very costly endeavour. Smart companies today acknowledge the value of an offshore customer service team that operates on a 24/7 basis. Most of all, they provide excellent service and value to a company at a lowered cost.

The traditional outsourcing model of hiring solely call centre agents is becoming an outdated practice. As demand for more specialized, competent customer service steadily increases, companies should no longer consider it a minor role. Because of this, the role of social media managers should not immediately be dismissed as easily replaced. Their back office support keeps loyal customers satisfied while also attracting new ones due to their professional approach.

Whether in retail or other industries, social media now plays a critical role in letting a business flourish. By working together with a customer service team, they positively shape online reputations that attract a wider audience and making them loyal customers.