The Overlooked Factors of Offshoring

7 Mar 2017

A business that is serious about offshoring is aware of the benefits it will bring. They see the cost savings and how offshoring adapts very well to current business trends. Not just the benefits but they know there is work to be done before they want to begin offshoring. They have scouted the best location for an offshoring facility and know the correlation between a strong IT infrastructure and good data security.

Despite these precautions, there are still some overlooked factors that even serious businesses forget as they begin to offshore. Some may seem obvious at first, but it is because of this carelessness that they are not seen as major issues. As a result, it leads to bigger problems that need to be resolved.

Your Offshoring roll out plan

All good business ventures worth taking require proper planning. The manner in which your offshoring strategy takes effect will depend on how well you execute your roll out plan. It is a major undertaking for any company that covers multiple departments. If those affected by it are not properly communicated with, expect major resistance to your plan. This could also lead to a loss of team members who may view the lack of planning as company instability.

Staff Selection

Choosing from a vast talent pool can feel like an impossible task. Often, companies let a third party do it for them and work with who they hire. They are quickly replaced if they do not meet particular standards set by them. However, your offshore team will comprise of people that will be hand-picked by you. This is after having gone through a rigorous screening and interview process. Staff selection is an extra responsibility that businesses have to take if they want their objectives met the way they want.

Setting expectations

Your offshore team has the potential to become a valuable asset to your business. Despite this, relying on them too much might be detrimental. Not only should you be aware of skills your team brings, their limits should be considered as well. This allows you to set the right priorities and expectations among your team to prevent team members from struggling with their work. It also encourages them to work with others, thus developing better office relationships.

The importance of good culture

Staff inclusion is one of the major overlooked factors of offshoring. When you talk about good office culture, it should not just apply to your local team. Engagement and communication should extend all the way to your offshore team. Both teams become much more productive and learn about their respective cultures as a result. Instead of making one side feel like “the other team,” creating a sense of belonging and acceptance will be beneficial for the entire company.

Assessing the Overlooked Factors

Should your business decide to offshore, remember that it is not an easy thing to do. You will take on extra responsibilities and need to devote more energy in order to make it work. However, you will no doubt see benefits in the long-run. With the right provider assisting you, your offshoring experience can become a seamless one.

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