Outsourcing IT Functions: The Importance of Staying Competitive

15 Aug 2019

When you think of outsourcing functions, those related to IT usually first spring to mind. Some would even say that the BPO industry overall gained traction because of the breadth of outsourced IT functions. In recent years, it has gone beyond just providing in-office support to companies they collaborate with.

Properly fitting your business for IT functions is not an easy task. It is something that must be done regularly, resulting in a costly endeavor. This is often why businesses turn to outsourcing. If no one in locally has the IT expertise a business needs, they are likely to get results through outsourcing. They save money while also meeting their different IT-related needs.

Essential IT Functions to Outsource

Indeed, the IT industry has the biggest range of functions companies can send to outsource. It is also true that the business climate has continued to evolve. What were once perceived as simple tasks can now be called challenging. At the rapid rate businesses work today, it is inevitable for certain functions to be outsourced.

Here are five IT functions that your business should consider sending to an outsourcing provider.

Software Development

Perhaps the most common IT function outsourced is software development. Not only is it a more cost and time saving approach for companies, it allows them to work with experienced professionals while mitigating risks. There may be a lack of local or in-house experience, but outsourcing software development allows flexibility and a focused strategy.

Web Design and Development

We’ve discussed at length before the importance of web development to companies today. In an increasingly online environment, it’s important that companies stand out with their online presence. Companies that do not have a defined presence online and just rely on social media reach are at a major disadvantage. An outsourced web designer not only makes sure you stand out, but can do so at a reduced cost.

However, while a website’s presentation is important, so is the overall functionality. A business’ website may have all the content and branding it needs to win people over. If it is constantly plagued by errors or does not properly display on mobile devices, potential customers and clients will react negatively.

Email management

Managing an entire email account may not be the first role you consider when outsourcing IT functions. As stated earlier however, the rapid rate of operations means a high volume stream of emails daily.

By outsourcing your email management, you not only address this but a well-equipped outsourced IT team offers protection common digital attacks. They can organize cluttered inboxes and can also provide regular reporting of messages that are of high priority.

Managed hosting

Experienced outsourcing providers are able to scale any IT infrastructure required of them. For businesses on the cusp of growing, they may need dedicated servers beyond their local office. As their business grows, so should the IT infrastructure that scales along with them.

IT functions

Outsourcing IT functions lets companies access dedicated and secure servers.

You can also access and use a shared server in order to exclusively use a protected server of your own. By outsourcing managed hosting functions, your providers can adjust their infrastructure based on particular conditions at any time. You anticipate when massive influxes are coming in to your website, then scaling back to a more manageable approach.

Data center outsourcing

Most third-party outsourcing providers offer data processing and resources for companies. This is often the case when the company’s own IT department is not equipped for it. From data collection to data storage and backup, maintenance and updates, having a trained staff on-hand can help ease the processes that come with data center outsourcing.

Keeping Your Business Competitive

The track record of outsourced IT functions continues to develop as technology gets better. As a cost saving approach, outsourcing is second to none, especially when it comes to IT functions. More than that, companies that outsourced will be collaborating with an experienced provider that can meet their goals.

Diversify is fully equipped to handle IT functions ready to be outsourced with teams that can take on these responsibilities. Contact us today to get started.

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