Outsourcing Case Study: How It Benefited A Retail Store Chain

26 Feb 2018

In the following outsourcing case study, we discuss the client’s working relationship with Diversify, the roles they initially looked for and how they expanded to further accommodate higher level functions.

The retail industry has experienced positive growth over the past few years. With the advent of digital transformation, it has become one of the most competitive markets worldwide, thanks in part to the convenience brought on by online shopping.

However, expanding on a global scale also brings intense competition between outsourcing and new innovative global retailers.

To keep up with shifting trends without compromising costs and hurting profit margins, a leading online retail business turned to outsourcing as a growth strategy.

An Outsourcing Case Study

With the client stressing the importance of providing customers experience, Diversify worked closely with the client team to carefully map out and document the critical processes on the local level. This was done in order to assess the client’s capabilities and to craft an optimal outsourcing strategy that would benefit them.

Following their in-depth review, the Diversify team recommended their client to transfer a number of customer care functions to their outsourced team members. In doing so, Diversify will be responsible for measuring performances, training team members and handling all customer needs.

In effect, Diversify adopted their client’s local processes and procedures to these key functions. This resulted in achieving high levels of alignment and efficiency, which refined the customer care experience. Diversify gave the client access to their experienced human resources and training and development teams to assist with any cultural and legislative concerns they may have when working with a Filipino workforce.

Expanding Beyond Initial Roles

As the team began to perform well beyond expectations, the client began exploring more roles and functions that they could send to outsourcing teams. As part of Diversify’s on-going support and commitment to service excellence, they assessed and reviewed what their client was looking for. Eventually they expanded to outsourcing additional back office functions, including finance, HR, and marketing.

To strengthen the working relationship of their outsourced team, Diversify worked collaboratively with the client to set up particular protocols that ensured they would be operating optimally. All team members underwent extensive training to comply with their client’s standards. The team is also closely managed by the client through real time communication that allowed for immediate responses and solutions when required. Through Diversify’s continued support, the client achieved excellent success with their outsourcing team resulting in higher levels of service satisfaction.

Overall Satisfaction

The client was also able to scale up their customer service team cost-effectively while staying competitive and innovative as part of their outsourcing objective. The ability for businesses to achieve higher levels of efficiency and service while reducing their overheads is what makes outsourcing such a viable business strategy.

We hope that this outsourcing case study has given you a glimpse to what effective outsourcing can do for your company. By partnering with an experienced provider, you will have a seamless adaptation of an outsourcing strategy that minimizes risks and issues. If you are looking to begin outsourcing some of your company’s functions, contact us today to help you get started.