Offshore IT Functions: Staying Competitive in the Digital World

3 Jan 2024

IT tasks and functions are frequently delegated to offshore or outsourcing providers and the BPO sector owes much of its growth to the demand for IT support and services from different industries. Typically, IT support is the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they think of BPO. This association has significantly contributed to the flourishing of the industry.

The traditional call centres in the Philippines soon expanded into niche and specialised functions. This is largely due to the advancements in e-commerce and digital marketing. Adapting your business to the digital revolution can be challenging and expensive. But, offshore providers can set you up with a team that keeps your business future-ready.

Exciting IT Functions to Offshore 

Being a business leader means wearing multiple hats. You have to deal with essential business tasks, alongside learning new skills you never expected were needed. However, IT is a vital function that you should prioritise on day one. There are too many risks to take and opportunities to miss when businesses do not leverage proper IT functions.

As business technology rapidly grows with advancements such as AI, IT teams have expanded their tasks and positions. To help elevate your company to new, future ready heights, consider offshoring the following IT functions.

Web Development and Maintenance

A well-maintained website with a good UI/UX is a lifeline for any business, let alone an online business. It is no longer just a “nice to have”, but acts as the face and digital storefront that connects you and your customers, and sets the scene for a first purchase.

In today’s competitive market, every business strives to be the striking e-commerce store. However, the time and upkeep of a website requires a certain level of resource and technical expertise. An offshore IT Team can offer a strategic digital solution in the form of extra support from bright talent. Businesses will be able to scale their website without incurring further cost, and risking energy away from your core responsibilities. You will also have the opportunity to collaborate with insightful and passionate folks from across the globe.

Offshore IT Teams can offer around-the-clock website maintenance.

Moreover, an offshore IT Team can offer around-the-clock support and availability for maintenance. This way you can sleep soundly knowing that any website issues that occur outside of standard business hours are addressed efficiently without potential revenue loss. 

Tech-Powered Digital Marketing Campaigns 

The digital revolution paves the way toward innovatively creative marketing solutions. When IT and digital marketing collaborate, it’s an opportunity to enhance the customer experience from discovery to purchase. 

IT gives marketing the digital edge it needs to stand out. Meanwhile, marketing provides the creative vision for IT to soar. An offshore IT Team can collaborate closely with your marketing team to create compelling interactive landing pages and AI-powered chatbots. However, businesses have innovated the digital marketing game towards new, tech-filled heights.

You may consider a Marketing Technology Specialist who can stand as your communications powerhouse. These tech savvy folks can leverage today’s powerful tools to drive marketing campaigns and ensure positive customer experiences. By analysing website traffic data and user behaviour, the specialist can identify and address issues such as slow page loading or confusing site navigation, which may affect user experience and engagement. They are also wizards of the email marketing world. They can create captivating email promotions and set up automated email sequences to nurture leads. Ultimately a Marketing Technology Specialist leads your business towards a digitally empowered branding.  

Zero-Trust Cybersecurity Functions

The internet has become a world that needs significant security to remain safe. Zero Trust security is a cybersecurity principle that assumes that all access to a customer account is potentially suspicious. You can see Zero Trust with businesses that implement and monitor verification for user activity. Certain activities in accounts require Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to continue under Zero Trust. This adds a significant layer of security and shows customers that you value their privacy.

Zero Trust security emphasises verification processes for user activity.

Clearly, Zero Trust security requires an expert CybersecurityTeam who can assist you in implementation. While having an in-house team may pose challenges, offshoring provides a viable solution. An offshore team can ensure the complex, multi-layered approach of Zero Trust security is seamlessly integrated into your specific operations. Moreover, they can aid in the continuous management and scaling of your cybersecurity systems and in identifying potential risks.

RPA Creation and Management

Robotic Process Automations (RPA) is a powerful but simple form of automation that can be implemented in any business function. This innovative tool can assist businesses with repetitive or rule-based tasks, boosting efficiency and aiding in business scaling by eliminating mundane functions. This allows your team to focus on core responsibilities

What you need is a good IT Team to help develop and maintain your RPAs. Companies are increasingly recognising the benefits of leveraging automation alongside the cost-effectiveness of offshore outsourcing. An offshoring provider can guide you in building the team that supports you in managing and growing your RPA systems. 

Staying Competitive by Specialising your Offshore IT Functions

While its tempting to copy competitors and prevailing trends, your IT team should suit your needs. The best way to stay competitive is to know how you can rise to your own challenges – which is where offshore outsourcing shines. 

Your Offshore IT Team solves functions specific to your needs.

As your provider, Diversify figures out your specific IT challenges, and the solutions needed to overcome them. Along the way, we can carefully evaluate your offshoring needs and set you up with the perfect IT Team. Contact Diversify today to get you started.