Music Fest Memories At Diversify

Music has always been a central part of Diversify and its culture. We certainly have no shortage of performers in our office who are always willing to show off their talents. Previous huddles like our music festival and lip sync battle became more fun because of them.

So would it be possible to have music festival but without the performers? Well, as Diversify’s creative spirit showed, it certainly is.

Following the spirit of festivals like Coachella and Glastonbury, Diversify held a music festival for one Friday afternoon that could only be described as Bohemian and unconventional. Although there were no live performers for the day, it still managed to capture the look and feel of these major festivals. Aside from the music, people attend these festivals to enjoy themselves and have a good time with friends. The organizers were determined to recapture that spirit and create an enjoyable atmosphere for the afternoon that felt like being part of these festivals.

With a little ingenuity and some of that Diversify creativity, the huddle succeeded in doing so. All those that were present got a little taste of the fun and camaraderie that comes when attending something like Coachella.

Name That Tune

The games that our employees participated in were all musical and festival themed. Teams were asked to properly name songs that were played over speakers, along with the naming of the artists who performed them. To get the full credit however, willing participants had to sing the missing part of the lyrics presented to them. Though a simple premise, it ended up being very competitive among those involved. There was also a skills contest that two teams participated in to close out the afternoon. Much like their huddle from last month, this was one to remember.

Diversify Giving Back to the Community

Our teams also got a few words from one of the organizers of the recent concluded Love Nest drive that ran in February. It was a small donation drive that benefited some of the children in the southern provinces of the Philippines that one of our employees splits her time with. She not only thanked everyone who supported but was also surprised at the large turnout of donated books and school materials provided by generous Diversify employees.


Huddles are great time to celebrate the wins of the past month.

Huddles have always been about the spirit of togetherness that Diversify has created. It also provides a good opportunity to share great news as the company continues to grow and welcome everyone into our ever growing family. With summer just around the corner, you can bet that huddles are going to be even more fun in the coming months.

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