Why the best BPOs are in Metro Manila

13 Feb 2017

As a developing country, the Philippines experiences growth in different industries each year. The BPO industry in particular has become a significant part of the country’s GDP. It’s rapid growth is felt not only in Metro Manila but in provincial areas as well. This not only means growth in Metro Manila but in provincial areas as well. Recently, provinces like Cebu and Davao have been cited as new locations for the local BPO Industry to develop in.

The vast talent pool of the Philippines does reach well beyond Metro Manila and into the provinces. However, if you want to get most out of your offshore strategy, it’s best to prioritize Manila as your first location. Let’s look at a few reasons why.

An Understanding of the name Metro Manila

To appreciate what Manila has to offer your business, understand what the name encompasses. Yes, the capital city of the Philippines is Manila but that is vastly different when talking about “Metro Manila.” The latter refers to a greater metropolitan area composed of 17 major cities. When you hear about the benefits of “offshoring to Manila,” it often means to this area at large.


Metro Manila 

Rapid development in Metro Manila conicides with the country’s growth.



Almost 14 million people live in Manila. With major business districts in Makati and Pasig, it is home to many small and large companies, both local and foreign. The BPO industry itself was founded in Manila. The Philippine Government has also pledged its support for the industry with various economic zones around the country.

The quality of infrastructure also varies greatly within the Philippines. For instance, Manila has a much more robust IT infrastructure than Cebu or Davao do. This is in part to all the latest technologies being initially tested and released in Manila long before provincial areas. Businesses that want to start their offshoring plan can expect up to date information technology that meet global standards.

Where Your Staff Call Home

We’ve talked previously about how immensely talent pool of the Philippines is. Many of the highly skilled workers working for major international companies have college degrees and come from good universities. Manila is home to many of these talented people, making them much easier to find. Though there is a 94% English literacy rate in the Philippines, you’re more likely to find people that speak it well in Manila.

The provincial areas certainly have their share of talented people as well. Many of those from the province uproot themselves to in order find to work in Manila.

There’s no doubt that Cebu, Bacolod and Davao will begin to emerge as business environments for the BPO Industry. In the long run, this will positively affect the Philippines as it becomes more economically developed. For now however, Manila still has the strongest assets that will benefit any business looking to expand globally through offshoring.

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