Diversify Launches the Live Green Initiative

Diversify Launches the Live Green Initiative

Last July, Diversify took a different approach to their usual monthly huddles. For three weeks, Diversify employees were invited to live green and take part in a themed huddle that introduced a brand new company wide initiative. Not only was it a more laid back setting, but one could say it was also eye-opening and educational.



Through the weekly huddles, the management team of Diversify unveiled the Live Green initiative. In an effort to make the company more environmentally conscious, the huddle organizers outlined some first steps of the initiative and what Diversify will be doing. During the huddle, the hope was that all Diversify employees would start making better eco-friendly changes for the betterment of future generations.

Life with Less Plastic

To kick off the initiative, it was announced that Diversify would be reducing its consumption of single usage plastic items. For the month of August, employees could expect to see a how plastic is used and disposed of in the office. For instance, following the initiative meant saying no to plastic bags and yes to reusable bags. Though not something that happens overnight, the gradual shift to less plastic usage helps Diversify employees become more environmentally aware.

Members of Diversify’s management team talked about the need to be more environmentally conscious.

In order to further this message, the huddle organizers put together a small video packaging highlighting the benefits of using less plastic. Not only does it mean a healthier lifestyle with less plastic, but there are also come cost saving benefits that come with it. Most of all, it encourages everyone that their own small actions have a large impact in making the world a better place.

As a way to encourage the reduction of single use plastics, the huddle organizers gifted all Diversify employees with their own metal straws. After talking about what the reduction of single use plastic straws can do, employees were free to use their new straws both in and out of the office.

The First of Many Live Green Projects

The reduction of single use plastics in Diversify is just the start of a bigger environmental campaign. In the coming months, there will be eco-friendly projects to unveil that will instill new habits among Diversify’s employees.



From trash segregation, better energy conservation and recycling programs, the Live Green initiative will be spread out over the next few months as Diversify becomes more environmentally conscious.

Following Diversify’s Core Principles

It was certainly confusing at first for some employees why July’s huddles focused solely on environmental issues. As the organizers explained, the Live Green initiative is deeply rooted in what Diversify stands for. When Diversify becomes more environmentally conscious, they show respect and understanding to their surroundings and the people around it. By making an effort to see these changes as a company, they embody the excellence that Diversify has consistently strived to produce. These are the core principles Diversify is founded on.

Although a much different huddle, there was a sense of excitement in the air among Diversify’s employees. By the end of the huddle, many had become aware of what they can do to help the environment in their own unique way. Through this collaborative effort, Diversify’s Live Green initiative is well on its way to becoming a success.

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