It’s a Good World Gone Bad: Halloween Huddle Recap

3 Nov 2022

Gather round all you ghouls and gals! We will be telling a story of a frightful Halloween huddle filled with spooks and wildly creative costumes. 

Once again, the teams at Diversify knocked it out of the park during its annual Halloween huddle. Everyone’s home and on-site offices were decorated to the nines with creepy crawlies and were dressed in fantastic costumes to boot. Diversify capped off the month with some help from fairies, witches, and all things fey with our theme: Good World, Gone Bad. 

After two years, Diversify finally had the chance to celebrate Halloween both virtually and in-person! You can only imagine the creative juices that have been pent up and were finally unleashed in our Design-Your-Bay and Unmasked contests this year. So, get out your broom sticks and hold on tight. We’ve got some stories for you for this year’s Halloween huddle recap!

Going All Out on the Design-Your-Bay Contest

Weeks before the actual event, our offices already felt festive flair in the air. Each year, Diversify’s teams compete to see who can design their office bay the best based on that year’s theme. As it was our first Halloween huddle back on-site, everyone was more excited than usual. Planning and decorating for the Design-Your-Bay contest began weeks in advance. You could practically see the Halloween transformation overnight. 

As is Halloween tradition, judges went to each bay to see designs our teams came up with. Some even had accompanying performances to match their designs. For instance, one station performed a “ritual” with participation from one of the judges. Another covered their entire bay with plastic bags and decorated it to create a scene from a horror movie. Some even stood in awe as some of the staff crawled through the floor draped in terrifying costumes. This one was a performance that really had us on the edge of our seats!

Our overall winner from 25/7 with their spine-tingling decor

It wasn’t all darkness though. One particular bay was adorned with sparkling lights right next to a large and gorgeous tree. Stepping in, we were greeted by a quaint scene of flowers and leaves. It was a gorgeous and serene magical rainforest. Truly, it was great to experience both light and darkness through our teams’ resourcefulness and creativity!

The Witches and Warlocks of Unmasked

Our Unmasked champion Llana Andrada showcasing her breathtaking costume

Up next we had our Unmasked costume contest with the theme of “Be the Baddest Witch.” Our staff came out with their best witch (or warlock) costume and showcased their runway talent! 

Can’t forget the wickedly good designs from our folks at The Curve

We had a “wicked” good costume combo from our folks over at The Curve. One dressed in gorgeous white and flowery light, the other wearing green and shedding some evil over the huddle floor; both equally amazing. Meanwhile, the amazing getups from Our work-from-home staff wowed us with their witchy interpretations! One was ingenious as a hag advertising an online voodoo business.

Hilariously Horrifying Halloween Huddle Games

Of course, a Diversify huddle is not the same without thematically exciting games that get the crowd going! There is nothing more terrifying than a mystery box, so when the hosts wheeled out a large box that only the audience could see, you could only imagine what the participants were thinking. 

What’s in the box? Andrew from our management team surely did not know.

The host brought out some mystery items that our unknowing player had to feel around and guess what it was. From a bumpy pumpkin to raw chicken, it was a wild ride from start to finish. Meanwhile, our virtual huddle has its own online game with a little “guess the movie clip” featuring scenes from our favorite Halloween films! 

Taking Center Stage Again 

To sign off on our terrifyingly terrific Halloween week, we also hosted our third annual Online Jam Night: Back to Center Stage over at the Diversify Youtube channel. Here, some of our talented staff showcased their musical talents through performances and song requests! Of course, we had a little fun with some games and announced the winners from each contest too.

For this year, we had several brand-new performers who were eager to show Diversify what they could do. They were joined by several other previous Online Jam Night participants who helped Diversify such an electrifyingly talented space. It was especially great getting to see performances from our Cebu teams who lit up the night with their magnetic performances. 

With many more bopping performances, our Online Jam Night was an amazing success. There’s nothing better than joining together at night with your team and jamming out to your favorite tunes. Even better when they’re performed by our very own staff! 

What’s next?

Well, that’s a wrap for our spook-tastic Diversi-Fright huddle. We’ve said it time and again, but huddles like these are key to what makes Diversify’s office culture unique. While it is time to don off the witchy costumes and elf ears, we now set our sights to closing out our year in the biggest way possible. It was announced during our Online Jam Night that our annual Year End Party would be returning in person! If this year’s Halloween huddle was anything to go by, we just got a small glimpse of what promises to be a very special event this coming December.