Is it possible to offshore your law firm knowledge management?

It was not that long ago that the idea of offshoring roles within a law firm was completely unheard of, well at least in most Australian law firms. Equally unheard of would be the offshoring of knowledge management.

In recent times however, there has been a surge in the range of functions that are being successfully offshored or outsourced by law firms. These now include finance functions such as accounts payable and receivable and payroll, marketing functions such as database maintenance and development, graphic design and digital content production/dissemination and now, increasingly, parts of knowledge management.

You can find both high-quality precedent coders and workflow managers in the Philippines and if you take into consideration the abundance of Filipino legal graduates, you can start to comprehend the major opportunities and benefits in developing a large component of your knowledge management team offshore.

How offshoring benefits your law firm

With the increasing pressure in developing and successfully implementing more ways to cost effectively produce legal work, the importance of investing in a law firms’ knowledge management systems cannot be underestimated. The problem is that trying to increase investment in this function in Australia can be both expensive and difficult which ultimately leads to a lack of investment into a function that is a now a critical component in promoting growth. Firms that do not invest in innovative knowledge management systems will quickly find themselves left behind

The benefits of offshoring include the obvious cost savings but also go well beyond this.

The opportunities that can be offered by Australian employers to Filipino staff mean that it is possible, if your offshoring strategy is well executed, to achieve staff retention at levels well beyond those in Australia.

We at Diversify are ready to help you get started with an offshoring strategy for your business. Drop us a line today and see if your company is ready to take that next step in offshoring.

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