Industries That Benefit From Offshoring

5 Oct 2020

A properly introduced offshoring team can do wonders for many companies across different industries. If properly implemented, the team that you’re looking for can be scouted and developed based on your business objectives. One criterion in finding the best offshore team that suits your needs is the location. Not just any offshore team can pull off what you’re looking for. When you factor in cost, the quality of work needed and the level of output, you’ll find just how important location is.

The Philippines As An Offshoring Destination

Let’s look at one of the major countries where offshoring thrives. Offshoring – and the BPO industry at large – is an important part of the Philippine economy. It leverages many unique aspects of the Filipino workforce to its advantage. For instance, 94% of the Philippine population speak English. The influence of western culture in the Philippines also translates to their education system and cultural compatibility. The Philippine government also continues to prioritize further growth and development of the industry. As mentioned earlier, it’s no surprise to see several international companies look to the Philippines for their offshoring needs. For them, the level of work and productivity from the Filipino workforce is a valuable asset.

You can see this level of talent in how we help our clients build their own offshore team. More than 90% of our staff work with listed and large companies that are home to 1000+ staff. Whether requiring a team of 5, 50 or 500 people, the right offshoring provider can give a solution for any business. Providers like Diversify works in partnership with each of their clients to make the most of their offshored workforce to achieve operational excellence.

What The Industries Are Saying

Over the years, we’ve received numerous requests from clients across different industries regarding their offshore teams and the results speak for themselves. For instance, one major fast-food franchise required a team to manage back-office tasks. Through a partnership with Diversify, they are now able to provide excellent customer service and high-quality products. Another client in the travel industry strategically offshored specific back-office roles for them to focus more on business strategy. After using a traditional outsourcing model for so long, shifting to an offshoring one proved to be more beneficial with their growth. It resulted in better business continuity, customer service and staff turnover.

Different roles can be utilized through a properly implemented offshore strategy.

Though unusual on paper, offshoring’s capabilities also extend to hands-on industries such as construction. With roles such as estimators and draftsmen readily available offshore, our client was able to prioritise more revenue-generating roles locally while Diversify took care of their back-office roles. These industries are just a small sample of where offshored teams can thrive. With its flexibility and range of talent available, different industries can competitively leverage what offshoring brings in today’s business environment.

Offshoring and the New Normal

2020 will be remembered as a very challenging year globally. Whether professionally or personally, many were affected by the effects of the global outbreak and the shift towards a new normal. With more companies seeing the value of a remote workforce, they also see why offshoring is a viable business strategy. As the need for high levels of consistent service grows, they are able to achieve this at a lowered cost with an offshore team. By working with the right provider, they can fit out key roles they need without any additional overhead.

Diversify has worked with countless teams out of the Philippines. We take immense pride in the work our teams deliver to our clients on a daily basis. We work with companies around the world across different industries in delivering offshoring excellence. Many of our multinational clients in Australia, USA, Canada and The UK call the Philippines their second home. This is mostly in part to the quality of work that comes from working with a Filipino workforce.

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