Huddles at Diversify

17 Jan 2017

Huddles, in any corporate space, are wonderful social activities that are often encouraged. These can be small weekly ones among different groups in the office or monthly ones that involve the entire company. Whichever suits best, there is always a hint of excitement when a new huddle in the office is impending. Diversify also enjoys their monthly huddles as a way to catch up with all that’s happened in the office. We’ve had some exceptions such as our yearly Halloween event acting as our huddle for October but by the large, these end of the month gatherings are a good way to cap off the previous four weeks that have gone by.

Huddles provide an opportunity to see what wins were achieved in the month, meet new people and see what’s coming up in the company calendar. All this while having free food in the process!

Hubbub about Huddles

Our end of the month huddles are organized and facilitated by one of our executives a week prior. Though this has always been the case, the staff will eventually take over organizing duties when 2017 comes around. After all, these huddles have always been about the people that make up Diversify.

After an opening message, the facilitator goes through a list of things that happened in the company within the last 30 days. These can be recaps of any company outing or event that happened like our recently concluded Sportsfest or any major developments within the company. Staff is also given a heads up on what’s coming up in Diversify’s timeline in an effort to plan out and encourage how they can be more involved in them. As of this writing, our year end Christmas party was a major point of discussion at the previous huddle and you can now read the full recap of what happened that evening!

A free lunch is the perfect way to cap off any work week.

We are also introduced to the newest hires of the month and learn a little bit more of who they are and possibly what we can expect from them. The Diversify family continues to grow with each month and it is always great to see some new and talented faces around the office. Birthday celebrants are also recognized and given a free cake from the management team. Not to be outdone by free pastries, our monthly huddles end as small social gatherings among staff members as they enjoy the free food prepared for them.

As huddles are often held every last Friday and towards the end of their shifts, it certainly starts the weekend off for our staff on a high note together with full stomachs.

Ready for the next one

The huddles play a big part in Diversify’s office culture. Because of how hard our staff works every day, they serve as not only a break from their usual routine but as a way of also recognizing their hard work. The continued success and growth of Diversify would not have been possible without a talented staff on hand.

Special themed huddles also involve some party games for the team.

More than just being a platform for engagement, huddles are encouraged to keep everyone in the loop of what the company has done and where it’s going next. By letting everyone feel welcome and not left out on what the future holds, lasting impressions are made that keep your staff motivated and focused on new challenges that come.