How do you find the right Filipino staff?

If you are looking to successfully offshore, then it should be of paramount importance to find the right calibre of staff. This sounds simple but can be one of the hardest things to achieve. If you want to access the top Filipino talent, there are a number of things you will need to get right.

Location, location…

As with most countries, the closer you are to the centre of a major metropolis, the deeper and more experienced the talent pool. This is even more so the case in the Philippines, with the greater Manila area being home to approximately 14 million people. The depth of the talent pool available here will far surpass that in any other area of the Philippines.

Once you are in the right location, you then need the right quality facility to both attract the staff and then also ensure they stay happy. Unfortunately, there are still many offices which operate in a “battery hen” style – while this might save you money in the short term, it also a surefire way to scare off any serious talent. Things to look out for with your facility include good access to public transport, high-speed lifts, comfortable maximum staff densities, backup power generators, high-quality staff amenities, facilities not subject to flooding and 24/7 building security.


The Filipinos are prolific users of social media and are quick to share their experiences working with employers. For this reason, employers quickly develop reputations as good or bad places to work. If you (or your offshoring service provider) doesn’t have the right reputation in the marketplace, you simply won’t even get to meet with the good quality candidates. Developing and maintaining that reputation is certainly no simple thing but it starts with honestly valuing and respecting your offshore staff and treating them accordingly.

Recruitment channels

There are a range of different ways to find the staff you need. Which is most suitable will depend on the type of role you are looking to fulfill. Most good facilities will guide you along this path (or completely take the headache away from you) and chose the channels most suitable to find your prospective staff. The channels which can be used include advertising in industry-specific publications, LinkedIn Premium, job boards and industry/university partnerships. In addition, high-quality offshoring facilities usually maintain a pool of pre-screened and available candidates for common roles.

Due Diligence checks

Once you think you have found your future staff member it is essential to do thorough DD on them which should include as a bare minimum:

  • An English language test (supervised)
  • Workplace specific test (supervised)
  • Reference checking from previous employers
  • Full medical
  • Basic police checks

In addition, with more senior roles or ones that involve access to financial information, you should also consider:

  • Interpol checks
  • Full police checks
  • Civil litigation checks
  • Identity verification
  • Qualification verification

Getting the right staff to begin with is the foundation for a successful offshoring experience.

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