Heroes at the 2019 Diversify Halloween Party

31 Oct 2019

The Diversify Halloween party is one of the company’s biggest events. Alongside the Sportsfest and Summer Outing, the effort that Diversify puts into making Halloween special is second to none. For the last few years, there have been some very memorable moments during our celebrations, which coincide with trick or treating and who came in the best dressed for the day. It’s also a chance for Diversify to flex its creative muscle and get into the spooky spirit of the season.

Everybody’s Hero

In a word, Diversify’s Halloween celebration this year was “big.” With its growth in the last few months and a brand new space in BGC, Halloween at Diversify became it’s biggest and spookiest one yet. To put that into perspective, Diversify held not one, not two but four Halloween parties last October 25th that were full of fun activities, great food and creative costumes.

Last year, villains took the spotlight during Halloween at Diversify. This year, it was the heroes’ time to shine. As is tradition during Halloween, this also meant competition between our teams on who could have the best-designed bay on their floor. Diversify teams took inspiration from different superhero movies and went to work in designing their stations that also served as trick or treat hubs for our special guests. On top of this, it also meant creating costumes and reenacting scenes that our guests could watch when they stopped by.

Showing off some of their creative costumes.

One important aspect of the bay design was to keep it environmentally friendly. Both the costumes and bay designs of all our teams were created from recycled materials and an incredible amount of creative vision. Walking around and seeing bays based on visually stunning movies like Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor: Ragnarok, it may be hard to imagine that these sets were created with old boxes, paper mache and some creative planning. 

Needless to say, this made selecting the best-designed work bay much more difficult for our judges.

The Infinity Quest

It wouldn’t also be a Halloween party without a program! We began the festivities with a video message from the Managing Director Angela Vidler, who spoke to all our teams and praised them for their continued work and dedication, especially in the last few hectic months. We also took time to acknowledge our birthday celebrants and recognize the most recent winners of our Core Value Awards.

Our special guests were also the biggest superheroes.

After our guests went trick or treating around Diversify’s office floor, it was time for our teams to participate in the day’s biggest game. Taking inspiration from the latest Avengers movies, teams were tasked with retrieving Infinity Stones for their own Infinity Gauntlets through a series of small, themed games located around the office floor. Participants had to answer trivia questions, skillfully shoot balls into cups or brave drinking unknown juices to retrieve different stones. It was an exciting – and at times amusing – event that showed a light-hearted yet still competitive side to all our teams. 

At the end of the day, the judges made their decisions and awarded those who wore the best costumes and had the best bay design. Regardless of where you celebrated Halloween with Diversify however, everyone deserved credit for pulling out all the stops in holding another great Halloween party, all while also attending to their own responsibilities around the office.

A Bigger Party On The Horizon

In some ways, the Halloween party was just a small glimpse of things to come for Diversify. As Angela stated in her video message, the next major event to watch out for was the annual Year-End Party. Given the increasing scope of each year’s party, it stands to reason that this year’s party is going to be massive. As early as now, a few of Diversify teams have begun planning their annual showcase as they look to show why their office is the best out of them all.

Until that time comes however, the Diversify Halloween party this year is certainly one for the record books. Some employees are still talking about the events and continue to share photos and videos they took during the event. If the efforts that went into making this Halloween celebration exceeded all expectations, one certainly expects Diversify to end the year with a bang.