Going Pop At Our Virtual Year-End Event

17 Dec 2021

Compared to last year, 2021 was more hopeful and optimistic for many of us. While the global pandemic still loomed large, we also found ways to adapt to our situation. The “new normal” simply became the norm. We’ve made no secret about the challenges Diversify faced this year, both in the short and long term. However, we still remained headstrong in keeping everyone engaged and connected with our work-from-home hybrid approach. Our huddles and major events were still done virtually, but our company spirit was alive and well in these get-togethers. Among these, there was nothing bigger and more important than our annual year-end event.

Holding virtual events is not easy, but they were also great learning experiences for everyone involved. It was important to us for everyone to stay engaged and connected despite not being present physically. As such, we took everything that we learned from these events and put them into Pop!, our year-end event for 2021. The result was a celebration of not only all that we achieved this year, but our milestones as a company. 

Acknowledging Our Core Values

Traditionally, Diversify’s year-end event begins with a more intimate affair. Before breaking out the party lights and costumes, we had a small get together with some special Diversify employees. Our Core Value Champions dinner is quickly becoming a highlight of our year-end event week. It lets us recognize the different team members who made a big difference in our year. Despite several of us working from home, they still impacted and influenced their team members to show what the Diversify spirit is all about. Our champions are not selected by any special committee but by their fellow team members who experienced first hand their influence. It was a wonderful evening with some very great people that set the stage for our bigger event later in the week. 

A Nostalgic Year-End Event

The theme chosen this year was Pop!, which reflected the popular art movement in the 1960s. It was often defined by its use of bright, vivid colors splashed onto everyday subject matter, giving it a distinct retro feel. With this theme, everyone at Diversify joined the party in their best retro and pop-art inspired outfits as they entered the Zoom conference room. Similar to last year, we sent out party packages to all our employees for them to enjoy the evening just a little bit more. It was still different from not being able to celebrate in-person as we often do. However, just being together with friends and enjoying the evening was just as wonderful. 

Our on-site team made sure things were running smoothly.

To Pop! the night way, our year-end event was a celebration of both the milestones and people that made 2021 exceptional. Our Core Value Champions were properly recognized by all of Diversify for their efforts this year. We also acknowledged our service awardees who have been with the company for quite some time. Through the highs and lows, they’ve seen Diversify become what it is today. Our yearly raffle draw also saw some lucky winners take home different sets of prizes that ranged from gift vouchers, tablets and widescreen televisions. 

Of course, no year-end event would be complete without the performances that our different teams put in. Similar once again to our last virtual party, teams sent in recorded video performances that captured the essence of what art – pop or otherwise – was about. An expression of your feelings in the most innovative way possible. With so many new faces this year, we got several new entries that showed no lack of creativity among Diversify. It certainly felt like everyone was a winner after having seen such great performances.

Celebrating The Future And A Decade of Excellence

Our year-end events often start with Managing Director Angela Vidler giving a speech that recapped what our year has been. They often highlight what we managed to accomplish as a company and what milestones we achieved as a result. This year’s speech however was a little different in its scope. While still touching on the same themes, we took a look at the last decade of Diversify and how we got to where we are today.

Some of the highlights from a wonderful evening.

As 2022 draws near, Diversify will be celebrating its tenth anniversary of operations in January. There was no better time to stop and look at all that’s been achieved than with the entire company present on one special evening. It also brought in a new perspective of what Diversify is capable of doing and how bright its future looks. As Angela said in her speech, amidst all the challenges and difficulties Diversify faced these last 10 years, she would not change a single thing. There was no better way to cap off 2021 and welcome what 2022 will bring than a memorable year-end event.