Four Quotes About the BPO Industry That Will Make You Think Twice

29 Aug 2017

Plenty has been said about the BPO industry over the years. It has opened more opportunities for businesses and the quality of work it produces. There are also comments on how it is detrimental to job creation or is just a passing fad.

We have previously dispelled some of the myths surrounding offshoring (and the BPO Industry as a whole). Nevertheless, it would be good to also look at and remember what some highly successful individuals have said about it.

Do what you do best. Outsource the rest

The reality of the BPO industry is that it does send functions to other countries like the Philippines. However, it does not necessarily mean a reduction in job creation and work quality.
By sending functions offshore, your local team can focus on priorities and opportunities to develop the business further. At the same time, your offshore team provides strong back office support that keeps your company competitive. In due time, your offshore team can start to include higher level functions that will aid your company’s growth.

Outsourcing is inevitable

A common criticism about the BPO Industry is how it acts like a revolving door for employees. They come and go at the drop of the hat with little to no career development, resulting in high staff turnover. However, companies are now seeing the importance of having long term staff and are making efforts to keep them.

We’ve discussed before how different offshoring is from outsourcing in the BPO industry. One of the biggest differences is how employees are seen in the long term rather than short. They are not easily replaced and have plenty to offer with their abilities. Additionally, companies train their employees to develop their skills and go beyond what they were first capable of. In essence, an offshore team is molded into becoming an essential part of the company, not just short term solutions.

You’re putting yourself out of business without outsourcing

The BPO industry is at the forefront of today’s business environment. With much of its activity happening online, it is in a constantly changing landscape that must be adapted to quickly. It shows the importance of future proofing your company as it prepares for any sudden shifts in the next few years.

Chances are, if you haven’t looked at offshoring to fill in roles for your company yet, your competitor might already be. With an offshoring strategy, companies stay relevant and adapt to the direction their respective industry is going. Offshoring itself is an emerging business trend that lets businesses stay ahead of the curve.

Outsourcing as a powerful tool for leverage

In today’s globalized society, plenty of traditional business approaches are not as effective as they used to be. The BPO industry helps businesses by providing support for a much broader audience than what was once capable.

Whether you are a medium, large or listed business, you can unlock your full potential with an offshore team. You will be able to find the right and qualified people that can work well with your local team. Together, you can up the quality of work produced and deliver your objectives on a regular basis. Most of all, it sets you up to have a prominent presence on the global stage. The best part? You can do all this without having the need to spend more.