Football and Your Remote Team

5 Dec 2016

When you’re with a team, you need cooperation and focus in order to successfully complete objectives you have outlined for yourself. This is true whether you are in a team for sports or working with a remote team. The people you work with brings different abilities to the table – from marketing expertise to copywriting to web development – and making them function like a well-oiled machine will prove to be beneficial for your company. Likewise, when the people on your favourite sports team show a close rapport that makes them play much more focused and motivated, you become more confident that they can win.

At its core, having a remote team with you is almost as similar to playing a game in the AFL or any other team sport you are interested it. So the next time you consider (or even start collaborating with!) a remote team, try to look at it as if you were playing a football game right where you work.

Being goal oriented in your remote team

Football and business are both centred on making and reaching goals. Whether it means scoring the most points or completing corporate ones you’re looking to achieve, people are driven to make their goals a reality. Everyone is ambitious enough to want massive success and this often starts with small goals that you’ve set for yourself. Some see their end goal as being thought leaders on a global scale while some see themselves winning the Premiership Cup. Having people join and help you attain these goals make the task all the more exciting, whether it’s with a remote team or with fellow players.

It’s hard hitting

Meeting these goals however is not easy and you can expect all manner of opposition for you and your team. While some can be anticipated, there may also be unexpected setbacks. In business, there are circumstances beyond your control like a shifting climate or talented staff members that may abruptly leave. In football, injuries may be a common thing but, depending on the severity, the entire team dynamic is affected when they’re down a player or two.

How you react to these “hits” and the manner in which you deal with what comes afterwards will show the kind of character your team and you have. Do you quickly adapt to new trends with your remote team to keep up with a constantly shifting business environment? Do second string players step up for the team while their best people are recovering?

Unprepared? Expect Heavy Consequences

Any team that has a strategy in place with clear objectives in mind is more than likely to do better than those that work with uncertainty or play selfishly. Your favorite team can have the three of the top five players in the world but it can mean almost nothing if they don’t play with a proper game plan. At the same time, you can find and hire the best people to be part of your remote team but with no clear direction or idea on what you want your business objectives to be, it can be a complete waste of their talent.

You can’t win alone and by playing every minute

Gary Ablett is considered one of the greatest players in the AFL. However, he didn’t become as good as he was if he insisted on always running the ball all by himself. He had his teammates and by helping each other during games, they played much better and everyone looked good doing it in the process.

Because you are working together with a team, don’t expect to accomplish your tasks alone. Your remote team can be one of your strongest assets in the company and they count on you as much as you count on them. If there are tasks you can’t complete on your own, you can seek assistance from them. What’s important is that everyone remains focused and motivated as a team where everyone plays a role.

Whatever your position is, contribute!

Speaking of roles, your teammates all have particular ones they are good at and with different levels of experience. Your team can consist of young upstarts looking to make their mark, people who’ve had a year or two worth of experience and even those who’ve been at it for so long.

Regardless of the amount of experience people have, their contribution to the team is still significant and it is important not to lose sight of this. Rookies in a football team bring youth and vigor to their teammates that can energize everyone while the long time veterans can impart their experience and wisdom to the younger players in order for them to grow. People in your team may sometimes feel they’re not contributing enough because of their position, which makes it more important to keep them highly motivated.

We get our opportunities if we work hard and make assists

There’s a saying in sports that it’s more important to play for the name in front of the uniform and not what’s in the back. When athletes play a more selfless game and recognize what the rest of the team can do, everyone ends up playing better and much more focused. Some of the greatest players in team sports weren’t just content with scoring multiple times but also assisting others in making their own goals happen.

Both business and football are a team effort. If you work with the best people and give them the opportunity to showcase their abilities, you become more motivated and driven to complete your own objectives. When you help others in reaching their goals, expect to also be assisted when wanting to reach yours. This can range from career development to further strengthening the skills you already have. These opportunities only come when you work hard with and for your team.

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