Diversify’s Fabulous Year-End Party

18 Dec 2018

Attending a year-end party is always a humbling experience. Whether you’ve been tenured for awhile or just started days prior, it’s a glimpse into the year that was. For all of us at Diversify, saying that 2018 was “huge” would be an understatement.

Ever since we began to recap our year-end party, a few things became clear. They were always going to be major affairs with everyone dressed in their best, ready to celebrate the night away. We also get to see a more relaxed side to everyone, especially when they take to the dance floor. Most of all, we say that each year is our “biggest” party to date. However, we always set expectations higher when the next year-end party rolls along. This year was certainly no different.

Recapping Diversify’s Biggest Year

To get a sense of how “big” Diversify’s year was, our annual company photo this year told the entire story. As everyone packed themselves into the Sunset Pavilion in Sofitel Manila, getting a good photo of the Diversify family was going to take some creativity. It certainly was a very welcome challenge for us and a unique way to get the party started.

Managing Director Angela Vidler’s year-end speech highlighted Diversify’s growth in 2018.

Our annual company photo was also just one of many indications of Diversify’s big year. As Managing Director Angela Vidler took to the stage to give her year-end address, it painted a more detailed picture of how successful this year was. The opening of Twenty-Five Seven McKinley this year was just one of the big milestones we celebrated this year. From the number of interviews, site hits and work hours, there was never a dull moment for Diversify in 2018. There was even a special shoutout to the staff who got married and had children this year!

Bringing That Las Vegas Flair

Of course, our year-end party would not be what it is without performances from different groups. With Las Vegas as the theme this year, teams delivered memorable performances that will be talked about for awhile.

Groups performed everything, from live music to elaborate dance numbers.

With Diversify’s growth this year, it also meant that there were more than ever participating in the performances. Each of our three sites had two groups of performers, all with different takes on what a true Las Vegas show should be. Whether it’s the traditional sounds of Frank Sinatra or a staging of the best bits from The Greatest Showman, there was something for everyone as our employees took to the stage.

This also presented a new challenge. With more talented groups performing, the judges had the unenvious task of picking the top three groups. It just goes to show that Diversify’s staff is not only talented professionally, but can light up the stage like no one else.

The Most Fabulous Year-End Party Yet

Amidst the festivities, we also had prizes to give away. Since we were already doing everything bigger this year, our raffle prizes also followed suit. Some of our major prizes included brand new TVs, video game consoles and an overnight staycation at a premier hotel. Each of Diversify’s respective managers drew the lucky winners as the night went on. We also took some time to recognize different employees who made a difference in the year. Earlier in 2018, we launched the Core Values program where staff could nominate fellow teammates based on the merits of Diversify’s core values. We wanted to recognize those who served as role models in their own ways to the rest of Diversify’s staff. The eventful evening topped off with dancing and merriment to close out this massive 2018.

Some of Diversify’s staff recognized for representing the company’s core values.

2018 was one for Diversify’s record books. There were many challenges faced in the last 12 months but everyone that evening showed that even the toughest hurdle can be overcome. As Angela succinctly put it in her speech, our incredible year would not have been possible without the efforts of everyone present that night. It’s practically become a tradition for Diversify to set expectations for the new year, only to exceed what they put out for themselves.

If this year-end party is any indication, there’s plenty to be excited for in 2019.