Ensuring a Healthy and Positive Offshoring Experience

5 Jun 2017

Working in any industry has its ups and downs. Even if it’s a company you like, there are bound to be some problems you’ll encounter during your stay. The challenge here is addressing these issues properly while maintaining a level of professionalism and your reputation. This holds true whether you are a medium, large or publicly listed company.

The BPO industry is no stranger to these issues as well. One of the most common trends is people coming and going into different BPO companies for brief periods. There are stories from people who abruptly leave their company due to mismanagement or poor working conditions. Staff turnover rate has declined in the last three years, reaching to its lowest since 2007. Regardless, negative experiences from past clients and employees harm its reputation overall.

This brings us to the importance of ensuring positive offshoring experience. Embarking on an offshore strategy is a major business decision and is not as simple as it sounds. With enough resources invested, you can avoid plenty of the pitfalls that companies make when they offshore. This can help ensure a seamless transition into offshoring for an entire company.

A Reliable IT Infrastructure

The heart and soul of today’s BPO Industry lie in its IT infrastructure. The need to stay ahead of the curve with the latest developments is what defines a good business. Not only is a robust infrastructure needed but top people that maintain it as well.



Regular maintentance keep an IT infrastructure running at its best.


The flow and productivity of work are affected by the quality of your network and the people that handle it. An infrastructure that causes issues daily can be detrimental to the overall offshoring experience. “Future proofing” may sound like a trendy term, but it highlights the importance of keeping your technologies resilient and constantly updated in today’s business environment. Your IT team can only do so much with a below average network. Likewise, you may have the strongest IT network in the industry, but it will not matter when you have an unreliable team running it.


Maintaining Quality In Your Facilities

Too often do we hear stories of companies that do not take site maintenance to heart. There are horror stories of offices having unkempt carpets and hallways, together with unreliable air conditioning services. In some extreme cases, insects and pests might begin roaming around due to irregular pest control.

Facilities establish a company’s initial reputation. Potential employees looking for a job are first introduced to the company through the image it projects. This can start as early as entering the lobby. If facilities are maintained regularly, people may be inclined to consider working for you more.



Cleanliness reflects strongly on your company’s image and work ethic.


Though employees have a responsibility to maintain the quality of the facilities, a good management team also does their part in helping out. It is important to always maintain office morale and one way to do this is to have a hands-on management team ready to address any issues immediately. Having a team that looks out for the well-being of the entire office is highly motivating and an invaluable asset to have.


The Importance of Staff Engagement and Culture

On the subject of morale, creating a highly engaged culture makes a company perform better. Consider what happens if there is minimal engagement within an office setting. Some employees feel isolated and limit themselves to being familiar with key members of the company or a few others. Most also grow unsatisfied with the direction they are going professionally because of lacking support from their superiors. This may result in a high turnover rate due to not feeling like they have a place in the company.

It is important for a company to constantly engage with their teams and develop culture. Your business objectives can be met when everyone is on the same page, firing on every cylinder and delivering results. With proper implementation, the office culture you create can greatly aid in boosting morale around the office.

The Overall Offshoring Experience

A positive offshoring experience is only possible when you are fully committed to it. Some companies see offshoring as merely a savings strategy, not knowing how much work is involved with making it effective. Those that do often cut corners, provide little training and fail to engage with their teams properly. This brings about low staff morale and a negative overview of what it means to work with an offshore team.

It often simply boils it down to this: When your team is happy, the quality of work drastically improves. A motivated team will produce much stronger results because of their productivity. Remember that the offshore team you hire should be treated like a local one. They are just as important as your current team and you can’t make them feel left out. Undertaking responsibility for an offshore team is indeed a massive effort. But businesses that have properly invested in an offshoring strategy are now reaping the results from it.

Diversify takes pride in providing the best offshoring experience for our clients. We want to ensure quality service and our clients getting the most out of their offshore teams. It is our duty to avoid attrition rates in the excess of 5%, which is becoming an industry standard. This has given us a staff satisfaction rating of 87 per cent and low turnover.

Contact us today to get started on an offshoring strategy suited for your business.