Diversify Presents A Different Kind of Valentine’s

Here at Diversify, we like to ensure that all of your offshore team members are engaged, happy and motivated. We’re committed to building an inclusive team-oriented environment that fosters a sense of belonging.

To achieve this, we have a regular events calendar aligned with key themes and dates throughout the year. These events are focused on themes like team building, sports, health and wellbeing as well as key cultural events.

The Philippines is heavily westernised and as such, celebrate events like Valentine’s Day with gusto. This year, we went with a theme for the event – The Red Room. Our Lead Content Strategist, Chino Reyes documented the event here!

A Different Kind of Valentine’s

Friday huddles at Diversify are often a time when you can relax and enjoy some free food while catching up on the latest company news. With Valentine’s recently concluded however, the office knew that there was going to be something special planned for this particular huddle.

In the days leading up to Friday, invites to the “Red Room” were “given” to Diversify employees each time they logged on to MyDiversify. Selected teams and employees also took some time to decorate the front desks and other areas of their respective offices. Needless to say, this was going to be no ordinary huddle and no ordinary Valentine’s celebration.

Fun and Games

Both the RSC and BGC offices had their own interpretation of the Red Room. Depending where you were, there was a unique Valentine’s experience to be had. Staff in the BGC office played three games to get everyone in the Valentine’s mood. After the usual announcements of our new hires and birthdays, the huddle kicked off with the “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” game. Participants were each given half a heart whose other half they had to find. Once found however, both participants would have to sing the lyrics that were attached to the heart pieces.

There was also a quiz game that everyone joined in called You Complete Me. What Valentine’s celebration wouldn’t be complete also without a game of charades? Called Love Acting, two teams were tasked to act out scenes from romantic movies while others had to guess what they were based on their actions.

The usual Friday huddle food was also in full effect as well. But because it was a Valentine celebration, there were a lot more sweets and chocolates for the staff present on that Friday.

Bee Mine

Not to be outdone, the RSC offices also had their own Red Room. They also had a very special guest to mark the occasion: The Jollibee mascot. The RSC office also welcomed their new hires and celebrated birthdays of the month, with celebrants having the honor of being rewarded cakes by Jollibee himself.

Games that were played included Guess the Red Chocolate Balls contest. There were also prizes given away to people who could come up with the corniest, cheesiest valentine’s line that afternoon in a segment called Hugot Corner. Employees who were wearing red also participated in some quick poses for judging those who were best dressed in red. Prizes were awarded by Jollibee as well.

The Jollibee mascot certainly stole the spotlight during the huddle. For 15 minutes, festivities had to be put on hold so that the teams and employees could have their photos taken with him. After the photo op, the day ended with a Valentine’s themed game of Family Feud. Winners from the afternoon were all given SM gift certificates.

Season of Love

Valentine’s is about showcasing of love but it certainly doesn’t have to limited to your significant other. As the Diversify offices showed, love meant enjoying the time spent with fellow team members and friends while laughing as the festivities rolled along.

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