Disney Villains Invade Diversify’s Halloween Party

30 Oct 2018

For some people, Diversify’s Halloween parties are often their favourite time of the year. Aside from getting to dress up for one day, we get to see the creative side of everyone that works here. No matter the theme given each year, you can bet that Diversify is ready to give it their all for one memorable afternoon.

The Cave of Wonders held many surprises.

As is the case this year, all of Diversify’s major events have a much bigger feel to them. With the official opening of Twenty-Five Seven, there were more reasons to celebrate and have fun. For this spooky time of the year, it meant bigger productions and shows of creativity. As a major huddle for October, our very special guests for the day were the children of our employees who also dressed up for the occasion.

Heroes and Villains

The theme this year was Disney Villains. This meant having to dig deep through Disney’s rich history and choose some of the most memorable villains to be represented. Not only that, but the decorating of workspaces also had to follow their chosen theme, with everyone pulling out all the stops.

Ursula rules over the seas and our costume contest.

For weeks, each office in Diversify put forward their best ideas and what they could each do as a team. You could even see bits of works in progress in each station as the event drew nearer. On the day itself, you could almost swear that Diversify transformed their workspaces into their own version of Disneyland!

Putting In The Spooky Work

Just by looking at the work put in by Diversify, it already promised to be a day full of fun and surprises. From fully decked out work spaces, the abundance of candy and catering for all our guests, it was a good reminder that Diversify always takes Halloween seriously.

At Twenty-Five Seven’s party, attendees got to see a near life-sized reproduction of the Cave of Wonders from Aladdin, or could set sail with Davey Jones himself from Pirates of the Caribbean. Over at Twenty-Four Seven, movies like Toy Story, Tangled and Alice in Wonderland were well represented. Not to be outdone, RSC showed off their best rendition of 101 Dalmatians, Snow White and Aladdin in their entire decor.

A themed scavenger hunt was also the activity for the day across all our offices. Players were tasked to “save the princess” by gathering clues about her and obtaining various items. There were also full performances of memorable scenes from the Disney movies represented, courtesy of each team. In Twenty-Five Seven, the Cave of Wonders was not just for decoration as it hosted small games for everyone to enjoy. Some (un)lucky guests were challenged to put their hands inside a mystery box and to guess what they were touching.

Getting That Halloween Look

Of course, it would not be a Halloween party without the costumes. Diversify employees pulled all the stops and dressed up as an entire rogues gallery from Disney movies that came to life.

A witch and her prized possession.

Even if you were not present at the event, you can already see how committed everyone was into making Halloween special this year. Detailed costumes, full makeup and co-workers helping fill out the supporting cast gave each office an authentic, Halloween feel. Diversify has always been known to give it their all with major celebrations, and Halloween lets them shine.

Continuing Diversify Tradition

Major huddles like Halloween show how important office culture and collaboration is in Diversify. Regardless of which party you attended, everyone’s time and effort into ensuring it was a memorable Friday cannot be denied.

Some lucky guests got to visit Wonderland.

It’s always wonderful to see staff working together towards a fun, common goal of bringing out the best in each other during events like these. With our year-end party just on the horizon, you can expect the same levels – maybe even more- of excitement and creativity from everyone at Diversify.