Diversify Gives Back

27 Mar 2019

Diversify’s monthly huddles are a fixture in our culture. With how hard everyone works each day, having these small but lively gatherings are a welcome escape. We’ve seen just how creative people can get when it comes to the given theme each month. Huddles have consisted of beauty pageants, game shows, music festivals, and environmental awareness.

Spreading the Love

As one would usually do in February,  each of our huddles had their own unique approach to celebrating Valentine’s. At our Twenty-Four Seven site, there was a school fair being held inside Diversify, complete with games, ice cream and some live music in between. Over on Twenty-Five Seven, the search was on to find our King and Queen of Hearts along with some of Diversify’s favourite (and cheesy) pick-up lines. RSC showed us all that #LoveWins with different Valentine’s day themed games and some free sweets.

Cupid kept very busy during our February huddles.

But amidst the usual celebration, the Diversify team also celebrated a very different kind of love and made this year’s Valentine’s a truly memorable one.

Each of our sites partnered with a charity of their choosing. While the traditional huddle was being celebrated, organisers held fundraising activities to benefit different organisations. Team RSC raised funds for the Bahay ni Maria Orphanage, a shelter for abandoned and homeless girls located in Makati. Twenty-Five Seven’s beneficiary was Bahay Aruga, a house that provides free accommodation for pediatric cancer patients. Twenty-Four Seven’s huddle benefited Busilak PH, a support group for patients with congenital heart defects.

The messages were evident in our February huddles. It was a chance for everyone to give back. As Diversify’s staff so often does, everyone put in their full attention and efforts into creating memorable huddles. What’s more, Diversify showed its heart as there was plenty of enthusiasm and support for the charitable organisations that each site was working with.

Lending a Helping Hand

In total, Diversify raised over Php 75,000 across three of our huddles.  The money raised was used to purchase different essentials for their charities and as a donation to the organisations. On weekends, some employees even personally delivered the gifts to these charities, giving them a first-hand look at who they were able to help.

There is no shortage of generosity in Diversify, and it’s delightful to see staff band together for a great cause. During a month that celebrates love, many remembered that love should be for all, not just those you know or closest to you.