A Diversify Birthday Party

The new batch of weekly Diversify huddles kicked off last week to set the tone for 2018. The creativity behind last year’s huddles set a high bar for our teams to either meet or exceed. If our first huddle for 2018 was any indication, Diversify picked up where it left off in a fun manner.

The teams at Twenty Four Seven in BGC were treated to a children’s party atmosphere for one Friday afternoon. For many of us, it was a wave of nostalgia getting to experience what children’s parties are like in the Philippines. To add some authenticity, the organizers even hired actual birthday party clowns to host the event. This wasn’t the only hint of nostalgia of the afternoon. From kiddie games to party hats and the foods we grew up on, many at Diversify felt like kids again in one afternoon of good, simple fun. Needless to say, it was an extra special afternoon for all of our January birthday celebrants.

2018 has certainly kicked off on the right foot for Diversify. With this much creativity and energy on display, it makes the rest of the year all the more exciting to see.

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