The Major Comeback Event: A Diversicup 2023 Recap

8 Sep 2023

We’re here to regale you with a tale about Diversify’s quest for glory. After a 4-year hiatus, the Diversicup sports fest finally made its historic return to the court! As one of our major comeback events, we brought our Diversify teams together for a day of action-packed sports to bring the heat in this rainy season.

We saw the enthusiasm for the return of one of Diversify’s major events.

In the great tradition of Filipino barangay covered courts, nothing brings together a community much like camaraderie and sportsmanship. Without further ado, let’s see how our Diversify teams did for Diversicup 2023.

The Diversicup Pre-Games

A week before the major event, we held the Diversicup Pre-Games as a little taste for the excitement to come. Our teams from different sites gave us a sneak preview of their skills as they competed against each other for the championships.

We held the preliminary eliminations for the Diveriscup 2023 volleyball and badminton championships, while the basketball division held their official team tryouts. These initial games showed us just how huge and anticipated the return of Diversicup was. We had more teams, more passion, and even more competitive spirit.

Officially Opening Diversicup 2023

The ceremony was opened with an enthusiastic parade that featured the 5 teams representing their respective Diversify sites. All of which was accompanied by drummers from The Tamboleros De Makati who gave our teams a beat to march to. 

Folks from the 257 team roared to march for the opening parade.

The opening ceremony also featured opening remarks from our Marketing and Engagement Head, Dillon Esteban. He commented that our teams should, “take this opportunity to not only cheer for our favourite teams but to learn from one another, forge teamwork, and create lasting friendships.” Dillon also added that the team is proud of the legacy that has been built since 2016, and how we are thrilled to continue it with each and every one of our teammates in the crowd that day. 

Watching our fine Diversify folks march across the court definitely solidified Dillon’s words on just how big this event had become.

Pretty Huge energised the crowd with a round of Zumba!

The strong opening message was followed by the oath of sportsmanship from Marvin Bryan Montesines, one of the champions from the last Diversicup games, where our players showed their dedication to the game. Followed by an energetic round of Zumba featuring our event partners at Pretty Huge, the air was starting to fill with anticipation. Finally, the teams were already roaring to hit the court and catch our players in action. 

Let The Games Begin!

As stated we had 5 Diversify sites playing for glory this year across three different sports:  badminton, volleyball, and basketball. The Curve placed in every single sport and division, eager to claim and retain their title as champions.  

The games opened with a steel-focused badminton match across 3 divisions – men’s, women’s, and mixed. The thrilling and fast-paced badminton matches saw The Curve win both the men’s and mixed divisions against 257 and 247 respectively. However, 247 did beat The Curve in the women’s division of badminton.

Up next: the Diversify teams absolutely brought their A-game to the court with our men’s and women’s volleyball divisions. Through a heart-pumping match against The Curve, the folks at 257 held those championship medals proudly. In the same vein, 257 Night Shift brought the heat after a competition against 247.

Lastly, it was a rough match that kept us on the edge of our seats. But after try-outs and 4 games, we’re proud to announce that the champions for Diversicup 2023 basketball are none other than…the WFH Team! 

The Diversicup 2023 Basketball Champions: The WFH Team!

Before we go, a quick shoutout to Jaira from the 247 audience! Her enthusiastic and energetic cheers did not fall on deaf ears. Way to pump up your team, Jai!

Crowning the Glorious Champions! 

By the end of the day, the judges made some tough choices in tallying the results and judging our champions for Diversicup 2023. As we eagerly waited for the announcement, the tired smiles and flailing balloons absolutely showed how much these games bring together our community. 

Eagerly awaiting the results from the judges…

Body: Eagerly awaiting the results from the judges…

Separated by different buildings and offices (physical and remote) the Diversify community may not see each other all the time. But it’s through these events that bring us all together for fun-filled competition. 

The Curve, our overall champions of Diversicup 2023!

As the hosts hold the mic up with the results, they once again announce that The Curve continues their 3rd year-streak as Diversicup’s Overall Champions! 

Closing the Games

Once again, congratulations to The Curve, and to everyone who joined us for this amazing event! To end this recap, Diversify’s VP of Operations, Paul Butalid, closed the games with quite the speech. After thanking everyone for coming, he urged all to give themselves a round of applause. 

The athletes, the audiences, and the management team who organised the event together. It was a wholesome sight of clapping individuals who were eagerly counting down the days until next year’s games. In the meantime, we’re ecstatic to announce that our Diversicup 2023 basketball champions will be competing for the 12th season of the BPO Olympics. This time, the trophy will be for all of Diversify. 

With the success of this year’s sports fest, we’re definitely looking forward to an even bigger event in 2024. To get a better look at the games, you can check out all of the photos from our Diversicup 2023 event over at the Diversify Facebook page! 

What’s next on the Diversify calendar of events, you ask? Well, all we can say is that with the start of “-ber” months, we’ve got something truly special planned for the end of the year. Not only that, but our players in Cebu should warm themselves up for something sporty on their way. Stay tuned!