Disco Fever Takes Over Diversify

Disco Fever Takes Over Diversify

There’s something endearing about disco music that can be appreciated by people of all ages. The music may have hit its peak some 40 years ago, but it still has appeal with today’s younger generation. Whether you’re an adult or someone discovering music for the first time, disco still resonates as a very danceable sound.

Play that Funky Music

Disco served as the backdrop to our monthly Diversify huddle last September 15th. That meant bringing out the dancing shoes, lighting up that disco ball and coming in your vintage best. Diversify’s employees always answer the call to make huddles a special occasion and this was no different. As the music of the era played throughout the day, it was easy to get into the mood and be part of a fun afternoon.



As is tradition with Diversify huddles, employees got a chance to meet some of the new hires for the month. Birthday celebrants were also recognized and given a cake to mark the moment. Afterwards, it was time to see who had the most flexible moves. A small limo dance competition was held to see how low Diversify’s employees could go on the dance floor. There were quite a few that managed to make it through some of the lower placements, much to the delight of the crowd. The 70s were also a period of iconic fashion, and it was only fitting to come in your vintage best. Some employees were in their best attire and those that really stood out were recognized by our panel of guest judges. The event was capped off with free food and drinks for everyone present, a surefire way to start any weekend right.

Throughout the year, the Diversify huddles have gotten bigger and more ambitious. The huddles do not just bring out the best in our employees. They also foster the professional and personal bonds formed in the office. Though some joke that huddles are a great time for free food, getting to enjoy it with people you work with makes it much better. Diversify values this aspect of its workplace culture greatly.

Things to come for Diversify

Before the huddle ended, it was announced to the office what to expect for next month’s Halloween huddle. Needless to say, there’s already plenty of excitement surrounding it even if it’s still happening in October.

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