Digital Marketing Strategies During COVID-19

7 Aug 2020

Continuing to implement digital marketing strategies might be the last thing companies think about during the current global pandemic. For some, it may not even be something worth focusing on. As there are currently more pressing issues at hand, that is certainly a valid point of view. At the same time, digital marketing should not be discredited for having little to no priority today. 

Yes, digital marketing was already making waves even before the pandemic due to its global reach. At its core, digital marketing has always been about keeping up with the latest trends and adjusting to them. In recent times however, it’s clear societal norms were upended when the global pandemic grew larger. Because of this, more companies have had to rethink their digital marketing strategies to fit this current normal and place more focus on it. As more economies globally begin to open up slowly, the need for proper digital marketing once again becomes important.

Redefining Your Strategies

As noted earlier, redefining digital marketing efforts should reflect the current global situation. Companies today are finding creative ways to ensure they are still able to service new and long-time customers as a way of building relationships even in extraordinary times. 

Email campaigns help businesses stay in touch with the audience they’ve built.

Take for instance email marketing. Even before the global pandemic, it was a cost-effective strategy in reaching out to audiences new and old. By creating email campaigns, you can reach out to existing clients to let them know that you are here to help them online. These small but effective reminders can go a long way in maintaining the rapport that you’ve built.

A Larger Focus Online 

Consider what it means for a while to be a consumer during the lockdown period globally. People spent less time outside or on the road and exposed less to traditional marketing means. No doubt billboards and roadside ads got lesser views as there were fewer people on the streets. Conversely, this meant that more people are browsing online than ever before.  With more people browsing online on their phones or computers, search traffic since the pandemic started has greatly increased.

Companies must now leverage social media more than ever before.

With this in mind, companies need to ramp up their online presence for consumers. Social media still remains a powerful tool that people are using to contact and interact with businesses. Some company websites are now also including FAQs on how they will address the current situation moving forward for everyone to see. SEO and PPC advertising also can continue to thrive as they are a means of increasing online traffic.  

Reflecting The New Normal Trends

There are no two ways about it. Digital marketing in today’s global pandemic is very different and requires more unique approaches. We’re seeing how different businesses reacted to the current situation and how they’ve been able to adapt as best they can. Some industries were hit harder than others but still continued to keep their audience engaged regardless of the impact.

Take for instance the travel industry, one of the most affected industries during this pandemic period. Whether locally or internationally, travelling was severely restricted due to closed borders and cancelled vacation plans for the foreseeable future. Despite this, some key players in the industry did not halt their presence online. To keep customers engaged, travel companies- whether airlines or airports – continued to build brand awareness. Through social media, they’ve kept themselves busy with photo sharing contests, customer surveys and frequent updates on availability.

 The Bottom Line

Right now, it is unclear how long this “new normal” is going to last. The global pandemic both shifted and altered what consumers needed to prioritize. With more people relying on online resources, many businesses models also began to adapt to people’s changing needs.

As discussed earlier, digital marketing is certainly not a new concept. However, in order to navigate through these uncertain times, it is something that businesses should embrace more. With changes to many business models, marketing strategies should adapt as well. We may be in the midst of a global pandemic, but that also does not mean you have to stop reaching out to consumers.

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