Different Ways to Recognise your Offshore Team

8 Dec 2023

Whether your team may be onshore or offshore, rewards are a fun way to show appreciation for any team’s hard work. Their dedication and hard work have been the driving force for your company’s success throughout the year. 

As the festive spirit fills the air and your company prepares to welcome 2024, let’s not forget the invaluable contributions of our offshore team. Let’s show our appreciation by rewarding them with meaningful tokens of gratitude that reflect their individual contributions.

Rewarding Through Gifts

It’s always a heartwarming feeling to get rewarded for your support and efforts. Show your team that you acknowledge their hard work through gifts for the holiday season:

Sponsor a Team Lunch or Dinner. An hour to get together can go a long way. Buy your team lunch, or even treat them to dinner after a big project or during peak seasons. Good meals build strong teams. Share a delicious meal after work to bond with colleagues.

Gifts are a great way to show appreciation!

Give Personalised Gifts. Surprise your offshore team with thoughtful gifts for the holidays! Consider things they’d enjoy or tools that enhance their work. Ask fellow team members about their likes and interests, or you can go off what they’ve casually told you before. This adds a personal touch when choosing gifts, and shows that you value them individually. 

Rewarding Through Recognition

There are many leading causes of stress that may hinder productivity and potentially impact your team’s performance. Keeping your team’s mental health in check ensures seamless workflow and maintains your team’s motivation. Implementing positive reinforcement within your team assures them that they are doing a great job.  

Offer Skill Improvement Courses. Knowledge is one of the greatest rewards you can give your offshore team. It is a great way for them to learn new skills, especially in today’s digital age. Contact your offshore provider to discuss additional training that could boost your team’s productivity and performance. You can also provide new online platforms that would help your team work seamlessly.

You can give your teams a shoutout to recognise their efforts!

Congratulate their Works. Remember your team during important business milestones. Celebrate their contributions through personal notes or group emails. Recognizing your team’s efforts lets them know that their time and resources are not wasted.

Consider Planning a Team Outing. Reward your team’s hard work with some time away from work. This includes rest days, vacation time, or flexible work arrangements, giving your team time to ease their minds and recharge. You can tap into their offshore provider to help in scheduling and planning your team’s rest or vacation days.  

Recognition vs. Rewards: Which is Best for Your Offshore Team?

Rewards are tangible in nature, from gifts to goods that can either be consumed or used. On the other hand, affirmation, encouragement, and recognition intrinsically motivate teams, leading to higher morale and greater drive.

Both recognition and reward are valid options – it just comes down to the timeliness!

Reward and recognition are two words that always go hand in hand when managing your offshore teams. It is up to you to balance these terms to give your team the proper recognition and reward they deserve. If you want to acknowledge your offshore team then you should consider a reward system to boost their morale.

Reward System: Offshore teams perform better with a well-structured rewards system. Incentives and perks motivate them to achieve goals and complete tasks. This ensures productivity and appreciation for their effort.

Rewards are Essential for your Offshore Team

Rewarding teams during holidays shows appreciation for their year-round work. However, it’s important to ensure that the rewards are fair, equitable, and meaningful to your team members. It can also help to boost morale, foster a sense of loyalty, and encourage continued high performance.