Developing Positive Office Culture in 2018

The dynamic of office culture has changed in the last few years. Old, traditional ways of doing this may not allow companies to maximize the potential they have. Employees may also feel they are not part of the bigger picture or the overall office dynamic. It has become important, therefore, that companies adapt a positive office culture to go with the ever changing times.

Companies of all sizes need to realize the importance of cultivating a progressive, positive office culture. The new year is no better time to put your best efforts forwards into creating such an atmosphere. It not only benefits all your employees, but positions your company as one that embraces current trends and sees value in the people it hires.
Understand Your Overall Work Environment

When you think of positive office culture, it’s more than just having weekly or monthly company get-togethers. Companies that have cultivated good office culture are aware of the people that work within its walls every day. Through interactions with employees, leaders understand individual values and expectations from their work. More than that, understanding what motivates and drives employees will allow for a “people first” culture in the office.

Engagement is Key

It needs to be hammered home that communication is very important. You may have the best people in your team, but they also need to be operating on the same wavelength as everyone. While it’s certainly great to talk about your victories, it’s equally important to assess your losses. No environment is perfect, and positive office culture recognizes when things don’t work. Leaders discuss what is working well and what isn’t, then making adjustments to rectify the problem.

Good communication involves both expressing ideas and concerns and listening to them. Employees also need to feel they can speak freely without fear of any blowback.

Encourage Sharing and Empowerment

So how does one do that? On the surface, positive office culture means everyone being comfortable sharing ideas. However, it also means asking for, and offering, support to everyone around you. Doing so will empower employees and also build trust among them to make the right decisions. By encouraging more openness and empowerment, employees feel more connected to the company, their team and are more willing to offer their support. It has never been detrimental to empower others as well. As Manish Goel, a board member of Aerospike, once summed up “It is important for the entire company to know that they are an integral part of the company’s success.”

Set Goals for Everyone

Of course, you also have to be realistic with your expectations. If employees aren’t immediately made aware of your objectives, attaining them can be difficult. Setting realistic goals while cultivating positive values brings about more success and inspires more of it.

This is also where communication becomes important. When you get input and receive feedback, employees can accomplish their tasks once they know what they’re working towards. When they see their work fits into the company’s overall objectives, it drives them to succeed.

A New Outlook on Positive Office Culture

Developing positive office culture is not without its challenges. But the work put into having one unified culture that promotes ideas, open engagement and progressive thinking will set your company in the right direction for the year. By understanding the true value your employees bring and what you can do to empower them further, your company becomes both a positive influence in your industry and a model for success.

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