COVID-19 And The Importance of Staying Connected

16 Jul 2020

In a previous article, we discussed the importance of managing your mental health during this current pandemic. As the pandemic continues on globally, it can be incredibly difficult at times to remain productive with high output. We also outlined some useful tips that people can use to help them to stay connected with their families and cope with the stresses that have come as a result of the outbreak.

One such approach was the use of video conferencing to stay connected with others. In the last few months, we’ve seen an increase in the use of Skype, Zoom and other related video apps. While their use was already widespread even before the pandemic, more people are seeing just how important they are.

Tried and True Technology 

One could certainly say that we are in a global interconnected society. Thanks to emerging technologies and the development of the Internet, it became much easier to interact with people on different platforms. Whether it’s sending an email or leaving a social media message, reaching out to others can be done with ease. 

Online meetings are commonplace in every business today.

Video conferencing is certainly not a new concept. Ask any business today what their secret to success is, and many will say it’s how they are able to interact with others in real time. Virtual conferences, meetings and webinars are commonplace in today’s business landscape. When you consider the principles behind these meetups, the use of video conferencing was always about staying connected. When also applied outside the business world, it becomes clear how video conferencing can serve as a lifeline for others, especially in this pandemic.

Socially Distant but Interconnected

For many people today, video conferencing – and by extension access to the Internet – serves as a lifeline to others. With many social regulations today requiring people to stay indoors, there has been a boom of video conferencing apps for personal use. Their use among the elderly in particular is gaining more traction. As some of the most vulnerable to COVID-19, staying socially distant but connected with their families is now a way of life. 

Staying in touch with older relatives will have a positive impact on everyone.

Consider how they’ve been so widely used in the business landscape and what translates to outside of it. Online get-togethers and catch ups are now happening on a regular basis whether it’s among friends or family. The World Health Organization (WHO) even suggested that regularly scheduled video calls are a great boon for those living alone or need to be around other people.

Taken In Moderation

Of course, as with all good things, they should be taken in regulation. With the number of video conferences skyrocketing, experts warn that too much exposure to it can cause burnout. “Zoom Fatigue” can be exhausting and it is best to balance out your activities while also practicing new social guidelines. Staying connected in this pandemic is important, but so is your own personal health. 

It’s difficult to say how much longer people will need to lean on video conferencing this much. What’s clear, however, is that evolving technologies are becoming more vital under the new normal that’s to come. People do not need to keep themselves fully isolated during this pandemic. They can just as quickly get online and join others over video conferencing as they continue to navigate through this pandemic together.