Christmas 2015 at Diversify

11 Dec 2015

It has been a fast-paced end to the year at Diversify! Since coming on board a few months ago I have quickly become a part of the Diversify family. In my last piece I discussed the importance of enjoying what you do for a living; after all, you do spend 60% of your life at work! One of the things that struck me in my new role with Diversify was the time and effort placed on ensuring that we all look forward to coming to the office each day.

Staying connected and engaged both with our clients as well as our colleagues are key factors in delivering the highest quality customer service, whilst building a collaborative, creative, productive and enjoyable environment. In order to foster this working environment, the team at Diversify hosts a number of key staff events throughout the year. The first of these I attended was the Halloween party which was awesome. The bar was set so high at the Halloween event that all of us could not wait for the Christmas party, which was promising to be an even grander affair!

A memorable evening for Diversify

Two words come to mind when describing the 2015 Diversify End of year Party: absolutely incredible! The theme for the evening was GLOW. Walking into the venue we were immediately struck by the black light and neon glow of the Century City Mall Events place. The scene was set for an evening of bright neon lights and glow in the dark clothing and accessories. Before we settled into a night of partying and celebration, Angela Vidler, CEO of Diversify, provided a quick speech thanking all of the Diversify family’s efforts and commending us all on the exceptional work delivered to our valued clients throughout the year. Of note was the reference to how the business could not have grown so significantly without the efforts of every team member! This was an event to thank us for another great year and to motivate us all for the year ahead.

Once the formal part of the evening was completed we were privileged to witness an upbeat and entertaining glow in the dark dance special performed by the operations team. I must say that it was hilarious to see our support team dancing in their glow in the dark outfits. Once we had stopped laughing and cheering the entire team settled into a buffet dinner and a few drinks waiting in anticipation for the Glow Dance Contest. The content comprised of three teams dancing off for a chance to win 25,000PHP.

The teams all adopted unique styles of dance which are too hilarious to describe!

For all the staff members that weren’t involved in the dance competition, there was still an opportunity to win in the raffle (with some great prizes). The prizes included; a 50 inch TV; an Acer Touchscreen laptop; and a PlayStation 4.

It was a great evening that really rewarded us all for a great year’s work. Being able to celebrate with my fellow team members in such a great environment really is a testament to the amount of time and effort that Diversify places on ensuring that we all truly enjoy being part of the family.

We look forward to continuing to deliver the highest quality outcomes to our clients in 2016 and thank you all for the opportunity to work together.