Celebrating The World At Diversify

It’s a busy week ahead not just for Diversify, but for much of Metro Manila as well. With the annual ASEAN summit in town, the daily routines of companies were adjusted to accommodate all the visiting delegates. While some companies like Diversify continues its operations, others were given a few days off.

A Mini United Nations at Diversify

For Diversify, the ASEAN summit meant another opportunity to host one of its famous company huddles with a twist. Sensing the need to mark the occasion, Diversify’s Makati office held its own world summit. Different countries across all continents were represented in one afternoon. This meant not only getting acquainted with foreign customs, but also seeing what made them unique. Not to mention, sampling international cuisines.



Each of the teams last Friday afternoon showed both originality and creativity when representing the country of choice. Along with accuracy, the audience needed to also respond well to the each group, often through rousing applause.

The Philippines was certainly well represented, but so were Australia, Japan, South Korea, Germany and Mexico. They did this not only through well known attire each country was known for, but also different foods and events that made them famous. Indeed, it was surprising to see people dressed up for Oktoberfest or as various Mexican delicacies. But that also shows just how creative everyone at Diversify can be.

Countries Working Harmoniously

Echoing what the UN and ASEAN stand for, different teams worked together in order to better represent the country they had chosen. While some countries were represented by only one team, others had as much as four teams showcasing their chosen country.

Never doubt how creative Diversify can get when asked to dress up.

Most of the audience may not have known who belonged to which team, but they got to see how everyone worked together very well. In particular, the teams behind Korea were named the best represented country of the entire huddle.

A Sign of Things to Come

True to form, the huddle ended with a variety of foods from the countries represented. Diversify employees ended their Friday over sushi, pizza, chapchae and other foods they love. It certainly gave them a hearty start to their weekend after another strong week of productivity. It was also announced what was to be expected of Diversify’s year end party in December. Needless to say, planning for the event has already gone underway.

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