Celebrating Australia Day with Diversify

It was a special huddle last week at Diversify for a few reasons. The biggest one being that instead of the usual Friday afternoon, we held a special huddle on a Thursday morning. That’s because some of Diversify’s best and brightest gathered together to celebrate Australia Day.

After getting to meet some of the newest hires and birthday celebrants, Diversify employees were treated to some Aussie-themed games for the morning. A few lucky ones (though some would say unlucky) got to participate in a relay race game that involved eating Vegemite. The catch being that the participants had never tried Vegemite ever. From their reactions, it was one of the funniest moments of the week. There was also the classic “Pinoy Henyo” game played with an Australian twist. Players had to guess the Aussie-related word that was displayed on a special hat just by using yes or no questions.

No Diversify huddle is complete without people dressing up.

Our special Australia Day celebration was just the third huddle Diversify held this month. It’s an indication of both our commitment to cultivating a people centric culture in the office, as well as the growth we experienced in the previous year. There is undoubtedly plenty of excitement to what the rest of 2018 will bring.

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