How Outsourcing Can Help You Create a Branded Customer Experience

15 Mar 2019

Gone are the days when businesses only competed with other companies across the road. Businesses today are now competing on a global stage as the battle to claim who is better is becoming more and more challenging. However, even though most companies are trying hard to win customer’s hearts, most of them fail to meet the expectations of their clients.
Delivering the brand promise you first introduced to your clients is crucial for you to build a loyal and engaged customer network in the future. It’s important, therefore, to discuss how offshoring can help you in delivering a branded customer experience.

Outsourcing enables you to focus on your core competencies.

The advent of technology is bringing about a saturation of services and products being offered by companies across different industries. According to a recent Gartner research, consumers are less concerned with what is ‘new’ and more concerned with what is ‘good.’ This seems inevitable with what feels like an unlimited amount of online choices in every product and service category. This means the only factor that will differentiate your business from your competitors is the customer experience. Customers are most likely to engage your company more frequently after a positive service experience.

New avenues for growth become possible by focusing on core competencies.

Through offshoring specific back-office functions, you may redirect your time and resources in innovating your product and services. Let your audience know how your business is different from your competitors by earning a positive customer review towards your brand.  According to a 2013 survey by Zendesk, 58% of the respondents are more likely to tell others about their customer service experiences today than they were five years ago. Additionally, the vast majority of participants who have seen reviews claimed they did impact their buying decisions. This was true for both positive reviews as well as negative reviews.

Improves Customer Retention

Outsourcing your customer service team is more than just helping you address different client concerns. Today, customer experience is defined as the way your customer perceives your brand.

Having a dedicated offshore team to accommodate all your customer’s concerns will enable your business to fully understand your clients. Being knowledgeable and empathetic towards their situation will also make your customers feel appreciated, driving the chance of converting them into a repeat customer that will, later on, make repeat purchases.

Adapting to a modern offshoring strategy will empower your team to be proactively involved in resolving your client’s concerns. Unlike traditional outsourcing, modern offshoring has a people over process approach strategy that can significantly benefit your business in the future.

More than just customer service

Over the years, outsourcing customer support services have proven to be an efficient way to accommodate customer concerns. However, due to the limitations of the traditional outsourcing model, many businesses look into innovations in outsourcing as a new possibility to have more control and freedom to set their own metrics to achieve a strong and branded relationship with their clients.

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