The Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Service Representatives

22 Jan 2018

Our constantly connected society today has made it easier for people to interact with their favorite companies. Some of these companies see this transparency as challenging without embracing the state of the current business environment. For those that do, they often have a very good customer service representative on their team.

It’s said a lot, but the role a customer service representative has in any company is often underappreciated. Whether as a medium, large or listed company, they are just as important as anyone working towards their given objective. It’s often wrong to assume that what they do is “easy” and that there is no need for them in the long term.

In fact, any offshore team that invests in a long term customer service representative is bound to reap the benefits down the road.

The Impact of A Customer Service Representative

On the surface, a customer service representative has some of the most time consuming tasks in a company. Their main function is to interact with customers on a daily basis, helping with questions, concerns and also feedback. Because of the fast paced business environment we have, many companies want their services to be available 24/7. That means having them onboard and on-call to help respond to any queries that may arrive from anyone.

Given this, the role of a customer service representative should not immediately be considered a role that is easily replaceable. Their back office support keep old customers satisfied while also attracting new ones due to their professional approach.

No Longer Just Call Center Agents

So why hire a full time, outsourced customer service representative? For one, with the right training, they become fully invested your company and become very knowledgeable about it. When you consider their need to upsell your company’s product or service, this is certainly an advantage.

We also predicted that the state of the call center is slowly in decline. Gone are the days where you could just outsource short term agents that will fill only minor roles for you. The demand for more specialized, knowledgeable people on your team is growing. This means adapting to the trend of having long term customer service representatives that know your company well.

Shaping Your Online Profile

In some ways, your customer service representative is responsible for how your company is perceived. Social media has made it easier for people to share their personal experiences with companies, whether it’s a positive or negative one. According to a 2013 study by Zendesk, people are more likely to share their bad experiences with a company online rather than good experiences. Additionally, 88% of people stated that online feedback like this has influenced their purchasing decisions.

Finding also the right one can be a difficult task. With many specialized industries that outsource customer service representatives, the need for very qualified people has never been more in demand. By working with the right offshoring provider, you will be able to find those with their experience you are looking for.

Regardless of the industry you are in, you can find the right customer service representative that will help your business grow. By outsourcing such a pivotal role, you can increase your presence online, gain a more solid reputation that attracts new customers and stay ahead of changing trends. All for a fraction of what you would normally pay for.

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