A Guide to Enhancing Your Online Presence

6 Oct 2022

Businesses should never neglect having a strong online presence. The difference between a good and a great business is customer engagement. Making yourself known as a brand that wants to communicate openly solidifies that great image. This applies especially in today’s internet and digital age. But with a market filled with brand names and personalities, it’s important to think smart in enhancing your online presence. 

But what are the benefits of having an online presence for a business? Well, let’s face it, a growing company means you are less connected to your new audience; it just makes it harder. But these days, the online market is crucial to advertising; and everyone knows it. This is why industries have spent $350 billion on digital advertising alone, because they know that it’s a smart decision. Creating that solid connection in a sea of brands can be overwhelming. Which is why a digital marketing team enhances two key aspects of the internet for your online presence. 

In enhancing your online visibility, let’s first understand how people find a product. There will always be two steps. The first is discovery; you need to know how your target audience approaches their online searches. Second is the connection. How does your target audience know if this business is what they are looking for? Both are parts of digital marketing that can be improved through SEO writing and social media management.

SEO Writing

When finding a product, people will always turn to search engines, and the first page is the sweet-spot. On average, 71.33% of “clicks” are on the first page. This means it is unlikely that a customer will go to your website if you are not on the first page of a search result. 

SEO writers research trends and topics to keep your website relevant.

Always make the most of search engines as these are effective advertising tools. Digital marketing teams have writers with expertise in search engine optimization (SEO). These writers use strategic and interesting pieces to boost your company’s website in search results. They are also up to date with the latest tools that can help with your online visibility. Think of it as a mixture of creative writing and strategy. 

Enhancing SEO Efforts for a Better Online Presence

There are key differences between SEO and regular writing. SEO has specific guidelines for a write-up to be considered a good and optimized piece. SEO writers pay attention to elements such as readability, keyword usage, and hyperlinks to keep your website visible. Of course, it’s hard to blindly guess and leave it up to chance if the strategies will be effective. Therefore, SEO writers use different tools to give your business the best shot possible:

  • Website plug-ins – SEO plug-ins compliment your website to automatically rate based on optimization standards. Writing for search engines forces you to readjust your regular writing through a strict criteria. So, plug-ins keeps you aware of this criteria.
  • Keyword Analytics – Search engines rely on keyword to connect the user to what they need to find. In enhancing your online presence, keyword analytics let you know which to use in optimizing your website.
  • Trend Monitoring – The internet is a fast space that requires businesses to stay relevant. With how fast things go, trend monitoring tools keep you aware of new trends to adjust how you advertise your company.

Social Media

Social media gives your brand a unique personality. An edge that makes you stand out against competition.  According to the Digital 2022: Global Over Report, 76.1% of internet users leverage several social media platforms for brand research. Getting your name at the top of their research results is one thing, but building that trust is another. Your social media is essentially the voice of your brand. So, how you or your digital marketing team handles it directly affects their buying decisions. If they’re going to scroll through your online page for brand research, at least make their experience a fun and interesting one.  

An effective social media presence gives businesses the chance to engage and build trust with their target market. So, establishing yourself through online platforms requires two things: staying relevant and addressing feedback/criticism.

Social Media Calendar Keeps your Online Presence Consistent

A social media calendar sees that you have consistent content every month. This doesn’t mean that you will post every day; no one likes a spammer. But it means that you stay on top of trends and events that keep you visible to your target audience. Staying visible means staying relevant. It’s best to plan ahead and create a monthly calendar for your content to avoid those dry weeks. Additionally, social calendars are often scheduled two weeks before the month ends. This gives your digital marketing team some time to write out and design your posts.

Prepare content in advance to keep yourself consistent.

There are several ways to schedule your monthly social calendar but it almost always begins with research. You can even have it revolve around a single monthly theme. In December, we all notice how large brands start to doll out holiday themed posts. Meanwhile, posts between April to June are often dedicated to the summer season. 

With regards to the actual content, it’s best to know your brand’s voice before anything else. Will your posts be fun? Professional? Informative? There are countless ways to engage with your audience based on what type of content you will produce. An effective online presence sees enhancing interaction with customers as a priority. Always remember that who your target customers are affects which platform you post. Not every generation is on the same social platform. So, it’s best to do market research beforehand to adjust your tone accordingly.

Customer Interaction Keeps you Connected

Not everyone is going to love your service without question. But it’s no secret that your response to questions, feedback, or criticism affects your online presence. Even the lack of it shifts public perception negatively. 

Address customer feedback online to let them know you care.

It’s best not to leave customer feedback unanswered. Customers go to social media to vent while asking help from others that have experienced the same problems. You have to see that their comments are heard and provide swift feedback. You can handle concerns individually and tend to specific users. Luckily, the beauty of social media is you can monitor and keep up with what your customers think. You become keyed in to general perceptions, and be able to see common complaints that you can eventually address together. 

Between You and Your Customers

Investing in a digital marketing team forges a solid bridge between you and your customers. Therefore, enhancing your online presence benefits the both of you. They will be able to reach out easily, and you will have a better understanding of your market. We recommend using offshore services to hand over digital marketing to the experts. This way, you no longer have to worry about keeping up with the trends or making exciting designs for your content; it’s handled for you.

We know that it can be overwhelming, especially when things move rapidly online. But, the online space gives you avenues to connect with your market, and to show them who and what you stand for as a brand.