8 Reasons Why You Need to Consider Offshoring for your Business

20 Apr 2015

Offshoring and outsourcing have been around for years in the USA and Europe and they have now well and truly arrived in Australia. Offshoring allows businesses to achieve the dual outcomes of lower costs and increased service delivery. Technology has made offshoring a more viable option than ever and if you aren’t considering it, your competitors will be.

The option to do this through an Australian based service provider is now here.

You’re saving money

Obviously one of the most attractive benefits is the cost savings you can achieve when implementing an offshore workforce.

You’re increasing operational capacity without the traditional overheads

When your workforce grows, so do your fixed costs such as rent, IT, equipment and utilities to name a few. Add in the time spent on training, induction and managing the human resources requirements and it becomes a costly exercise. An offshore services provider looks after everything, so all you have to worry about is keeping your offshore employee busy.

Free up your key staff to work on more important tasks

It happens every day, key staff completing low priority admin tasks, which while important, are not adding any value to the business. Utilising an offshore workforce can allow lower priority work to be delegated efficiently allowing local staff to focus on higher-value work.

Your competition is doing it or is considering it

Rapid technological development, lower barriers to entry and an increase in service providers have made it easier than ever to implement an offshore workforce. If you aren’t thinking about it or at least considering it as part of your forward strategy, you will find it increasingly difficult to compete.

You’re actually growing YOUR workforce in a cost-effective manner

You’ve probably heard a few negative things about outsourcing or you may have actually had a bad experience with a rogue provider. Offshoring is a completely different concept to outsourcing in that you have complete control over the employee. You can invest time in developing, training and mentoring them just like you would locally. They can actually become a long-term asset, depending on how effective implementation is.

You’re probably doing it now (well kind of)

A growing trend recently has been the increased usage of remote workforces, hot desks and working from home. If you’re doing any of the above, you’re basically already operating the same way you would with offshore staff.

You can manage workflow effectively

Your offshore employee can work hours that are suitable for you, including a night shift. If you find your local staff are finding it difficult to complete certain work tasks before the close of business, you can utilise your offshore workforce to complete it overnight, reducing stress and allowing you to get through more work quicker!

It’s innovative

Although innovation can be considered as an overused buzzword, businesses that identify innovative ways to use technology, increase capability and reduce operational costs find it easier to achieve growth and success, particularly in saturated industries. An offshore workforce solution is an innovative way to achieve a number of positive business objectives.