What 2018 Holds for The BPO Industry

What 2018 Holds for The BPO Industry

The Philippine BPO industry continues to prosper as more industries look to outsource and offshore different specialized functions. Last year, we talked about how “thriving” the industry was. Even after nearly 30 years of ongoing growth, the industry is still uniquely positioned to build on its enviable reputation as the provider of affordable, talented, offshore resources.

It’s important to look at where the Philippine BPO industry is and where it is headed in the next few years. With some new challenges in automation and robotics looming, the industry has to position itself on how to best adapt to and take advantage of these changes.

An Overview of the Philippine BPO Industry

The Philippine BPO industry has often been regarded as one of the best in the world. Since 2013, it has consistently ranked among the top five destinations in the world, and 2017 was no different. The industry has experienced consistent growth and was the highest job generator in the country last year.

The Ever Changing Business Landscape

The Philippine BPO industry has certainly seen its share of challenges in recent years. The industry prides itself as being in the forefront of business trends, often being an early adopter of new technologies and processes. As times continue to change and the pace of change increases it is important that the industry remain at this leading edge in order to retain its competitive advantage and leading position internationally. This year, the BPO industry is again expected to be one of the main drivers for strong economic growth in the Philippines.

Often simplified as “the call centre industry,” established BPO companies have recognized that they need to continue to evolve and adapt if they are to avoid becoming obsolete. As result many in the industry are now investigating and implementing levels of automation for low level functions and offering more sophisticated and skilled services for other business functions. The introduction of AI into the BPO Industry is also being cautiously approached by some. Only time will tell which functions are fully automated and removed from human control and which ones aren’t. Good BPO companies know the value of the human element. These companies strive to look for a good balance between the two.

BPO companies are seeking the perfect balance between human interaction and automation.

n addition as the outsourcing and offshoring markets mature they are becoming more specialized with niche industries looking for specialized offshore assistance. The need for specialized employees will only continue to increase and this has led to many BPO companies looking beyond typical “call centre agents” in favor of will qualified, specialist employees.

Picking a BPO Company in the Philippines

Both large and small companies from all over the world regard the Philippines a second home for identifying their future staff because of its thriving BPO Industry. The Philippines remains at the forefront of new business trends and is likely to continue to do so for so long as it embraces new technologies and the opportunities that flow from it. With more growth projected in the coming years, doing business in the Philippines has never been more exciting.

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