The 2017 Miss Diversify Pageant

The 2017 Miss Diversify Pageant

The monthly huddles have always been an anticipated event in Diversify’s offices. Not only is it a chance for everyone to catch up with the latest company news, it also allows people to show off their creativity. Earlier this year, the management team turned over the organization of huddles to the office. This was because these monthly get-togethers were really about them.

Since then, Diversify has seen game shows, luaus and Filipino fiestas become the central theme of monthly huddles. The creativity that each assigned team for the monthly huddle shows just how talented Diversify is. They can think outside of the box and guarantee a lively afternoon that properly caps off a productive work week.

With that in mind, the monthly May huddle at our BGC office might have been the biggest one yet.

A Filipino Favorite

Filipinos have a love for beauty pageants. While we’ve seen many take centre stage at major events like Ms. Universe, they are also a staple during parties where whole communities or villages are gathered. It’s still unclear why Filipinos love them, but they make a huge effort to throw a big celebration when it happens.

The BGC office of Diversify decided to take this fun aspect of everyday Filipino culture and put their own spin in it for the monthly huddle of May. The result was the 2017 Ms. Diversify Pageant last May 26th.

This month’s huddle organizers went all-out when recreating the “local pageant” atmosphere. Because they most often take place during village fiestas, the office pantry was decorated to resemble what you would see during one. This even came right down to the food that was being served; a mix of popular Filipino foods that are often served during parties.

Walking Down the Runway

After the host went through the usual topics covered during huddles, it was time to get the show on the road. Though there were only two contestants participating in the “pageant,” both were met with loud cheers that excited the crowd. The contestants could have just walked and been themselves normally but they went the extra mile to make the otherwise rainy Friday afternoon a fun and memorable one.

The program also followed the pageant staple of having a question and answer section with the contestants. As it wasn’t a “serious” competition, both contestants showed how funny they were with their responses, which drew some of the loudest reactions from the crowd.

The Pageant Aftermath

In the end however, there had to be an overall winner. Most would agree however that there were no real losers during this month’s huddle. The organizers went above and beyond to make sure that they would experience a very memorable huddle. Those involved were also able to show different, creative sides to their personality.

The monthly huddles of Diversify have always been a way to cap off a very productive work week and to celebrate the successes of the month. The 2017 Ms. Diversify pageant was certainly one of the most memorable moments in an already big year for Diversify.

Take a look at some of the photos from this month’s huddle below.