The 2017 Diversify Summer Outing

The 2017 Diversify Summer Outing

At Diversify, we believe that there’s never a dull moment when you come to work every day. From fun discussions in the office pantry to lively planning sessions, there’s always something exciting each time you come in. It goes without saying that while we work hard each day, we also play hard. Our inter-office sports league and team lunches are just some activities that can attest to that. It might be hard to plan events between two offices, but the men and women of Diversify get it done. Often, the end result is nothing short of spectacular.

Last April 29th, employees from both the Makati and BGC Diverisfy offices boarded buses at the crack of dawn for a trip to Laiya Coco Grove. With the summer season in full swing, a trip to the beach seemed like the best idea to have.

Little did everyone know that the best was yet to come.

The Gang’s All Here

Arriving at the venue itself was indeed a welcome sight. It was a huge shift from the everyday busy cityscape that most of us are used to. Sure, we had to meet up at 5:30 in the morning for a lengthy bus ride to Laiya Coco Grove. But the summer weather coupled with the excitement to be had in the day made it all worth the trip.

Some of Diversify’s best getting ready to test their limits.

To officially open the event, Diversify’s Managing Director gave everyone some few words of encouragement. Having flown in all the way from Australia just to attend, he was delighted with the day’s turnout especially since it meant seeing people from both offices interact with each other. More importantly, it gave him the opportunity to personally thank all the Diversify teams for the hard work they’ve put in this year.

After a rollcall of all the teams present, it was time to get the festivities underway.

Push It To The Limit

This year’s outing was meant to be more than just a relaxing day under the sun with fellow Diversify employees. Thanks to a partnership with Crossfit Manila, a day of unique fun and games was also planned. With the summer outing officially named “Limitless,” Crossfit Manila designed games to see how far Diversify employees could test their limits while still being fun.

The beach isn’t just for slow motion running.

The games were divided into three particular workouts with their own set of tasks. Each team representative was judged based on their performance. This meant how fast they could complete each task with the right form. The final workout was a group exercise that also took synchronicity into consideration. As expected, there were plenty of tired people by the end of the day, but you wouldn’t be able to tell from all the fun everyone was having.

A Summer Outing to Remember

There was certainly a lot to take away from this year’s outing and there were plenty of great memories made over the weekend. Breakfast chatter was a mix of stories from the weekend and how it was not an event to be missed. The office chatrooms, in particular, were on fire when everybody returned to work the following week. Many Diversify employees shared their own accounts, photos and anecdotes from the trip which made for a lively afternoon of discussion in between tasks. You could even hear the occasional audible laughter after a message was posted on it!

Take a look at some of the action that went down during Limitless!



Indeed, Diversify has always strived to be inclusive and make everyone feel they have a place in the company. Events like Limitless are one of many we have and there’s always a level of enthusiasm and excitement from all the employees that remains unmatched. It can be said that the main purpose of this outing was to build camaraderie among Diversify’s employees. Needless to say, with the reception that Limitless has gotten, Diversify makes relationship building look easy and fun.

One of Diversify’s newer employees summed up the entire event by saying “I gained a lot of friends.” There can be no better description of the general feeling of everyone in our offices since this weekend.

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