The Spirit of Togetherness at the 2017 Diversify Sportsfest

The Spirit of Togetherness at the 2017 Diversify Sportsfest

Company events always have that special something that makes them worth going to. After the hard work everyone puts in, a more relaxed and casual environment can be good for fostering stronger relationships. We see a different side of the people we work with and learn more about them in the process.



It’s all smiles amidst a day of friendly, inter-office competition.



Diversify recently held its third annual Sportsfest. This year saw its largest turnout yet, making way for plenty of company firsts that made the games much more exciting. From start to end, the 2017 Diversify sportsfest became a definite high point in an already successful year.

Keeping Up With Tradition

A portion of this year’s sportsfest followed the same events from last year. We secured the same venue at the British School Manila, which is quickly becoming a favorite location among employees. There was an early call time of 7:00 am for registration but this time, the sportsfest was held on a Saturday instead of a Sunday!

Events of the day comprised of Diverisfy’s favorite sports: Basketball, badminton and volleyball. Before the games officially opened, players took the Oath of Sportsmanship and the organizers took some time to thank everyone for coming down. This was followed by a group dance session to get everyone in an active mood.

The theme of the day was “the spirit of togetherness” which Diversify’s employees continue to showcase. The same spirit was present at the first ever e-sports festival held the week before and this year’s games were no different. It also set the bar for the games that were to come.

Heart Vs. Experience

For the first time in company history, sportsfest teams were determined by their respective Diversify offices. Previous sportsfests saw teams comprised of players from different departments and only within a single office. With more participants this year (particularly from our BGC office), Diversify was able to create its first true inter-office sportsfest.

When looking at the teams, it almost feels like something out a movie. On one side, you had the long-tenured Makati offices, with employees who have participated since the very first sportsfest. With experience as an advantage, they knew what it meant to be the best in a competitive setting. On the other side, the very driven employees of the BGC office were determined to prove they were just as good as their Makati counterparts. Many of the BGC employees were making their debut appearances but had a fighting spirit that could carry them through the tough challenge ahead.

Both these factors also made cheering for a particular office entertaining as well!

First Time For Everything

Our office-based teams were not the only company first to happen at the sportsfest. This year also marked the first time our basketball event had a women’s division. With more employees wanting to be part of this year’s games, interest was gauged on other sports to be played. Basketball edged out and women’s teams were quickly formed for the games.

The women of Diversify showed how it was done.

For those that were there, some of the loudest cheers came from the women’s basketball game held later in the day. Proving they were just as good as the men’s teams, the women of Diversify showed the same intensity as they did which made for a highly entertaining match up.

Friendly Rivalries for the next Sportsfest

In the end, experience triumphed over grit as the Makati teams bested BGC teams in all but one of the events. The BGC women’s basketball team took home the honors this year and the rivalry was still far from over. True sportsmanship was on display at the end each event, with players vowing to do even better next year.

Our sportsfest this year showed a clear picture of Diversify’s continuous growth. An event that started with only four teams two years ago was now comprised of eight teams for three events and from two different offices. It saw new and old teammates working closely together and also the formation of friendly, inter-office rivalries. In true Diversify fashion, the office chatrooms were livelier than usual the week after the sportsfest. Many were commending their team’s performances while also talking about small moments that may have been missed by others.

More than anything, the annual sportsfest has always been about fostering stronger relationships. Through competition and teamwork, we often see the best brought out of people and have fun in the process. It’s no different with Diversify and the company does it better than most others. This year’s sportsfest may be over, but its results and teams have already set a very exciting bar for next year’s games already.

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