All medium, large and listed companies rely on having a functional and easy to navigate website as a first point of contact with many potential customers. Existing customers and potential employees also see a website as a reflection of the business. Issues with the website can translate into negative perceptions of the business, even if it is unwarranted. This has made the role of an offshore web developer more important than before.

Having a web developer working for your business full time lets your team to regularly update and improve the customer experience. It also allows your business to be adaptive to the regular technological changes brought on by search engines like Google.

Being able to improve your site or fix bugs instantly will ensure your stakeholders always have a positive experience. Unfortunately, many businesses are not able to justify the employment of a full-time web developer and have to utilise expensive and unresponsive agencies.

Has your business looked at the potential of hiring an offshore web developer and how they can empower your local team members while allowing your business to scale up cost effectively?

Let’s meet Jan, your full-stack developer.

With years of experience in various online platforms, Jan’s abilities as an offshore web developer are second to none. He’s worked for a number of companies across different industries, offering his full range of skills and services in web development. He possesses an excellent skillset and is knowledgeable in programming languages like PHP, Javascript and Ruby on Rails.

Jan can free up your local resources by taking on required web development work. Some of the roles and functions he can assist your business in delivering include:

  • Writing code in one or more programming or scripting languages, such as PHP or JavaScript

  • Deciding on the best technologies and languages for the project

  • Testing sites and applications in different browsers and environments

  • Fixing bugs in existing projects

  • Testing new features thoroughly to ensure they perform the correct task in all cases

  • Running performance benchmarking tests

  • Reviewing colleagues’ code

  • Building and maintaining databases

There are many functions that an offshore web developer could perform within your medium, large or listed business. Many companies are now offshoring entire web development functions, allowing them to recruit more skilled employees that can deliver on growth objectives.

With continued developments in PHP and modern CSS, more businesses are taking advantage of skilled professionals in offshore locations to complete process intensive tasks. With many of these platforms accessible via cloud computing technologies, your local team members can manage and engage with offshore teams easily.

Value-adding and profitable web development solutions

Jan is a talented offshore web developer with solid experience in developing and maintaining websites for clients. He can address and complete critical tasks remotely and work closely with onshore team members to service clients efficiently. In Australia, an employee with Jan’s experience could command a salary of more than $90,000 per year, not including all of the fixed costs associated with a local employee. Compare this to around $30,000 annually for a Philippine-based team member.

Has your business has been reluctant to add web developers due to the costliness of local employees? You can recruit an offshore web developer at half the same cost of a local employee. The efficiency added to your business would be significant.

Empower your local web development

An offshore web developer could also support your local team in performing process intensive tasks like bug fixes. Your business could assign Jan to do weekly reports on known site issues affecting performance and responsiveness, while your local team engages with clients and ensures they’re being serviced to the highest standard.

WordPress Developer

PHP Developer

Mobile and Web Applications Developer

QA Analyst

There is no limit to the value an offshore web developer can add to your business.

Let Diversify assist you in taking your website to the next level with the addition of an exceptionally talented offshore web developer.

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