As key decision-makers of your company, tough choices are always at hand. While every part of running a business is equally important, there are some functions you need to free yourself up with. One fairly common concern of many businesses is having strong back office support.

In today’s business landscape, more companies are sending back-office roles offshore. In turn, they are allowed more freedom to explore different avenues for their business while key administrative tasks are delegated.

One such back office role, an offshore virtual assistant, helps key decision-makers focus on where they best excel at. Though they provide major support for the company, their roles are often misunderstood.

This is why Diversify wants you to meet your ‘potential’ offshore team. We want to demonstrate the skills of your offshore team and show that they can deliver quality value your business needs to stay competitive.

Let’s meet Henry, your virtual assistant

Henry’s expertise lies in notable back office support experience under a range of industries. As an offshore virtual assistant, he has been dealing with middle-to-top management through handling all aspects of back office support, from answering phone calls and emailing correspondences to managing appointments and schedules. With further experience in dealing with key decision-makers, Henry is well-versed with data accuracy and high data entry stroke, matched with proficiency in Microsoft Office applications.

Some of the roles and functions Henry can assist you with include:

  • Placing outgoing calls and screening incoming calls

  • Scheduling appointments and monitoring conflicts in schedule

  • Producing timely, error-free correspondence

  • Communicating and maintaining coordination with internal and external clients

  • Ensuring all documentation required are prepared and delivered within established deadlines

  • Organizing, storing, and archiving documents in line with requirements

  • Keeping the diary up-to-date

There are many functions that a virtual assistant can perform within your medium, large or listed business. Many companies have seen the full potential of engaging an offshore virtual assistant through delegating non-core functions, thus allowing them to focus on their core ones.

Value-adding and profitable finance solutions

Henry is an experienced employee that can provide significant back office support to your business. In Australia, an employee with Henry’s experience could command a salary of more than $55,000 per year, and that’s not including all of the fixed costs associated with a local employee. Compare this to around $20,000 annually for a Philippine-based team member.

Has your business has been reluctant to add back office support due to the costliness of local employees? You can recruit a full back office support team at the same cost of just two local employees. The efficiency added to your business would be significant.

Empower your local team

Henry, your offshore virtual assistant, can provide quality back office support through delivering error-free correspondence and other forms of communication, managing appointments and schedules, and keeping your diary up-to-date. With Henry, you can free up non-core functions and focus on the most essential ones which drive growth for your business.

There is no limit to the value an offshore team can add to your business.

Remember, your business can offshore a number of key back office support roles including:

Business Analyst

Data Entry Specialist



In many cases, you can recruit an entire team dedicated to back office support, which can be centrally managed by a local employee.

Let Diversify assist you in taking your local team to the next level with the addition of exceptionally talented offshore workers.

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