The construction sector is incredibly competitive; many medium, large and listed businesses struggle to find the right employees and skills to boost capacity and better serve clients. Getting this right is important as delays can lead to costly time and budget blow outs. Construction companies today are seeing the value in hiring an offshore draftsman to help meet client needs and to expand business ventures.

Drafting and estimating are two critical elements of any construction project and are usually very labour intensive. Your local team will usually spend an inordinate amount of time working on these time-consuming documents, rather than focusing on adding value to the client relationship.

With rapid advances in global communications, has your business looked at the potential of offshore drafting and estimating teams? They can empower your local team members while allowing your business to scale up cost-effectively.

We at Diversify want you to experience the benefits of hiring an offshore draftsman. We ensure that you work with people whose skills can bring your company the most value without having to spend extra.

Let’s meet Lemuel, your offshore draftsman

Lemuel is a degree qualified draftsman, having graduated with a bachelor of science in architecture. He’s worked for a number of leading companies, offering a full range of drafting and rendering services for builders, contractors and developers. His skillset goes well beyond industry benchmarks and his experience with software packages like Revit, AutoCAD, Photoshop and Vray Rendering make him an indispensable talent.

Lemuel can free up your local resources by completing all of the required document work. Some of the other roles and functions he can assist your business in delivering include:

  • Reading and interpreting plans

  • Building information modelling (BIM)

  • Draft site drawings

  • Prepares detailed working designs, plans, models and schemes

  • Make revisions to plans

  • Preparing design drawings

  • Marking up construction documents

There are many functions that an offshore construction and drafting team could perform within your medium, large or listed business. Many companies are now offshoring entire functions, allowing them to recruit more value-adding employees that can deliver on growth objectives.

With continued advances in software platforms like Revit and AutoCAD, more businesses are taking advantage of skilled professionals in offshore locations to complete process intensive tasks. With many of these platforms accessible via cloud computing technologies, your local team members can manage and engage offshore teams easily.

Value-adding and profitable construction solutions

Lemuel is a talented draftsman with solid experience in key drafting software platforms. He can complete critical tasks remotely and work closely with onshore team members to service clients efficiently. In Australia, an employee with Lemuel’s experience could command a salary of more than $75,000 per year, not including all of the fixed costs associated with a local employee. Compare this to around $ 30,000 annually for a Philippine-based team member.

Has your business has been reluctant to add offshore drafting specialists due to the costliness of local employees? You can recruit a full team of offshore drafting specialists at the same cost of just two local employees. The efficiency added to your business would be significant.

Empower your local construction team

An offshore draftsman could also support your local one or estimator’s team in performing mundane and process intensive tasks like making changes to plans or preparing site drawings. Your business could assign someone like Lemuel to prepare construction documents and marking up drawings while your local team member engages with the client to ensure they’re being serviced to the highest standard.

There is no limit to the value an offshore team can add to your business.

Remember, your business can offshore a number of key construction roles including:

CAD Designer


Quantity Surveyor

Revit Designer

Let Diversify assist you in taking your construction team to the next level with the addition of exceptionally talented offshore workers.

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