The breadth of marketing roles that you can actively recruit for is incredibly diverse. No longer limited to minor functions, companies can recruit people with specialized talents from all over the world. With the global labour market now more accessible than ever, taking advantage of a remote workforce is becoming an organisational strategy of choice. Through this remote workforce, you will be able to collaborate with an offshore digital marketing specialist to reach your objectives.

Advances in technology have also resulted in more skilled and complex roles being done offshore. From graphic design to SEO specialists, medium, large and listed companies can now hire cross-functional teams for all roles of their marketing team.

The benefits of an offshore team have been clearly outlined, but many questions still remain. What are the people like? What skills do they possess? How will I work with them?

This is why Diversify wants you to meet your ‘potential’ offshore team. We want to demonstrate how skilled and talented they are and highlight the value they can deliver to your business.

Let’s meet Tina, your digital marketing specialist

Tina has over five years of proven digital marketing experience, having worked for clients from all over the world, including Australia and America. She is confident working with teams operating in other countries and has excellent written and spoken English. Some of the high-value skills she can bring to your business include:

  • Development and implementation of digital strategy  
  • Digital and graphic design  
  • Management of social media channels including Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter  
  • Automated marketing campaigns and lead nurturing to your databases  
  • Writing compelling website copy  
  • Reporting and analytics

Value-adding and profitable marketing solutions

Tina is a talented employee that can provide significant marketing expertise to your business. In Australia, a comparable employee with Tina’s experience could ask for a salary of more than $90,000 per year. Keep in mind this does not include the fixed costs associated with a local employee. Compare this figure to around $ 25,000 annually for a Philippine-based team member.

Your business may be reluctant to add a marketing department due to the costliness of local employees. Through offshoring, you can recruit some offshore team members with the same budget and talent a local senior digital marketing resource will cost.

Empower your local marketing team

Your offshore digital marketing specialist can assist your local marketing team in delivering and executing cohesive, effective campaigns across a number of mediums. Someone like Tina can then report back to your local team, allowing them to focus on your main strategic initiatives.

Remember, there are many marketing roles your business can offshore. These roles include:

Graphic Designer

Social Media Moderator

Pay-per-click (PPC) Specialist

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist

In many cases, you can recruit an entire marketing function which can be centrally managed by a local marketing employee.

Let Diversify assist you in taking your marketing team to the next level with the addition of an exceptionally talented offshore digital marketing specialist.

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Meet the rest of the team

  • Tina
    Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Kenneth
  • Diane
    Customer Service Representative
  • Jan
    Web Developer
  • Lemuel
  • Henry
    Virtual Assistant