Successful companies today see the value of an experienced offshore customer service representative. No matter what size your business is, having a robust and functioning customer service team is critical. As geographical barriers lessen through continued advances in digital communication and social media, customers now expect companies to deal with inquiries around the clock. However, finding good talent for this can be difficult to do locally.

When a customer has questions or concerns about your product or service, they expect timely responses. Failure to do so can have negative implications on a company’s brand. For medium, large and listed organisations, managing customer queries can be an incredibly complex and costly task to undertake, especially with so many different channels.

Recruiting 24/7 customer service teams locally is, in many cases, not a viable option. However, you can achieve this with offshore teams. As extensions of your local workforce, they understand your business from the ground up and confidently convey the values and service that your business is built on. Doing so allows your business and local employees to focus on growing the business, adding more value to the customer experience.

Diversify works with many talented Filipinos in different offshore teams. They offer very real value to any business with their skills that are only matched by their robust commitment to excellence.

Let’s meet Diane, your offshore customer service representative

Diane is a top-notch offshore customer service representative who has worked for various clients all over the world. She is a team player, has great attention and accuracy to detail and a bubbly personality to top it off. Her experience interacting with various personality types allows her to engage with customers in a patient and polite manner. Diana is also able to analyse situations and determine solutions to meet her customers’ needs in a timely fashion.

Some of the roles and functions that a team of offshore customer service representatives can assist your business in delivering include:

  • Round-the-clock customer interaction

  • Handle customer inquiries

  • Guide customers through the procurement process

  • Resolve disputes and technical concerns

  • Inform customers of products and services

  • Do back office functions such as updating customer accounts and logging customer interactions

  • Do customer satisfaction surveys

  • Generate sales through outbound calls

  • Utilise software such as Zendesk, Freshdesk and Skype among many others

Value-adding and profitable customer service solutions

Diane is a talented employee that can provide significant customer service expertise to your business. In Australia, an employee with Diane’s experience could command a salary of more than $60,000 per year, and that’s not including all of the fixed costs associated with a local employee. Compare this to around $25,000 annually for a Philippine-based team member.

Empowering your products and services with quality customer service functions

Your offshore customer service team can empower your business better through various methods, such as customer feedback, surveys, call recordings, chat logs and many more. These data enables you and your business to make informed decisions about your products and services.

Not only can they provide you with valuable customer feedback, there are a myriad of other customer service roles and functions that can bring value to your business such as:

Web and Chat Support Specialist

Outbound Sales Specialist

Team Leader

Coaches and Trainers

In many cases, you can recruit entire customer service teams which can be centrally managed by a local employee.

Let Diversify assist you in taking your customer service to the next level with the addition of exceptionally talented offshore workers.

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Meet the rest of the team

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    Digital Marketing Specialist
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