Filling out finance roles can pose a challenge for any company. While there are incredibly talented people for the job, they may not be available to you locally. More and more companies understand that the global labour market is now more accessible than ever. This has made hiring an offshore accountant an organisational strategy of choice.

For roles as complex in the financial industry, companies can look offshore to find the skilled labourers they need.

It’s normal, however, to feel hesitant when considering offshoring as a viable business strategy. There is uncertainty with how you will stay in touch with your team and if they are indeed the right people for the job. They may not possess the skills you are looking for to fill vital roles in.

Diversify has longed championed introducing an offshore team to businesses. Whether you’re a medium, large or listed company, you can make offshoring work for you through a strategy of your creation. Most of all, you will see just how skilled and talented your offshore team is as they begin to add new and better value to your business.

Let’s meet Kenneth, your offshore accountant

Kenneth is degree qualified and has over five years of proven accounting experience. She’s has worked across all facets of the accounting function, from receiving and processing invoices, processing journals and coding requisitions.

Some of the roles and functions she can assist your business in delivering include:

  • Performing accounts payable and finance support functions

  • Preparing balance sheet reconciliations

  • Scanning and attaching invoices in your preferred accounting system

  • Processing journals, monthly accruals and repayments

  • Coding and processing of purchase requisitions

There are many functions that an offshore accounting team could perform within your medium, large or listed business. Many businesses are now offshoring entire finance functions, allowing them to recruit more value-adding employees that can deliver on growth objectives.

It’s no secret that offshore employees and automation systems like Xero are making process intensive accounts functions more accessible than ever. Businesses are able to leverage these channels without having to absorb the significant costs associated with local employees.

An offshore team could also support your local accounting team in performing mundane and process-intensive tasks like coding and scanning invoices. There is no limit to the value an offshore team can add to your business.

Value-adding and profitable finance solutions

Kenneth is a talented offshore accountant that can provide significant accounting expertise to your business. In Australia, an employee with Kenneth’s experience could command a salary of more than $55,000 per year, and that’s not including the fixed costs associated with a local employee.

Compare this to around $ 20,000 annually for a Philippine-based team member.

Has your business has been reluctant to add finance headcount due to the costliness of local employees? You can recruit a full team of offshore accountants at the same cost of just two local employees The efficiency added to your business would be significant.

Empower your local finance team

Kenneth, your offshore accountant, can assist your local finance team by performing process and labour intensive tasks. As a highly-skilled employee with Australian and Canadian experience, you can be assured that they will be able to perform the tasks required in accordance with local requirements. She can then report back to your local team allowing them to focus on the main strategic initiatives.

Remember, your business can offshore a number of key finance roles including:

Accounts Payable Specialist

Accounts Receivables Specialist

Finance Officer

Payroll Officer

In many cases, you can recruit and entire accounting function which can be centrally managed by a local finance or accounting employee.

Let Diversify assist you in taking your finance team to the next level with the addition of exceptionally talented offshore workers.

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