Making the decision to offshore functions of your business can be incredibly difficult. There are many questions your business must consider when deciding whether or not to offshore such as what can roles be offshored? Is the quality of work of an acceptable standard? How will they fit in with local team members? Are remote team members easy to communicate with?

The benefits of leveraging offshore workforces are widely communicated – they are cost-effective and allow your business to grow without increasing fixed costs. You can also recruit for roles you might not have access locally and achieve new levels of efficiency.


Understanding Offshoring’s Impact

Despite these benefits, many companies are still tentative when it comes to making the decision to offshore. While it’s great to get an idea of the benefits that could be delivered, the question that remains is who are the staff that will provide these benefits?

Getting to understand the exceptionally skilled and motivated workers of the Filipino workforce can help you and your business overcome this uncertainty. That’s why we want to introduce you to what your offshore team could actually look like.

What Roles Can I Offshore?

As communication barriers are overcome through the advent of digital technologies and high-speed infrastructure, it is becoming more and more viable to offshore; roles that traditionally had to be recruited for locally can now be sent to an offshore team. You can even offshore for multiple functions of your business! Many of our clients have a number of divisions leveraging offshore team members, from finance and HR to marketing and web development.

Meet the Team!

Let’s meet some of the people that could form your offshore team:

  • Tina
    Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Kenneth
  • Diane
    Customer Service Representative
  • Jan
    Web Developer
  • Lemuel
  • Henry
    Virtual Assistant

Get Started Today

In essence, any role that can be performed from home by your local team members can be offshored. The global job market is becoming more and more accessible – to remain competitive, offshoring has to be considered in any organisational plan. The question is: has your business started looking at it?


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