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Achieving Offshore Success

In this final instalment, we look at how to get the best from your offshore team. We discuss cross-cultural collaboration, communication and managing their performance and much more!

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Getting Your Offshore Team Started

This webinar includes topics such as development of a roll out plan, recruiting members of staff, setting expectations and developing them to become valuable and high-performing members of your team.

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Is Your Business Ready for Offshoring

As The Art of Offshoring webinar series rolls along, we take a look at the importance of strategic planning, pilot programs and why you should always stay engaged with your staff.

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6 steps to building your global workforce

Diversify makes it easy for you to build a global workforce. With our proven 6-step process, we’ll help you design the best solution for your business

Introduction To Offshoring Webinar

Our new webinar series kicks off with an introduction to offshoring. Learn how offshoring differs from outsourcing, the risks involved and its benefits when adopted into your business strategy.

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Infographic – Offshoring Myths

When you say “offshoring,” it’s possible that some people may misunderstand the concept as a whole. As a result, myths what offshoring is suddenly arise. That’s why it is important to take a moment…


Debunking the myths about SME offshoring

A good reason for business offshoring: Savings gained from having a low-cost offshore staff could be invested in new projects or research and development that would otherwise have been beyond your…

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Fast-Track SME Growth By Offshoring

Increasingly, Australian small to medium enterprises are finding a way to fast-track their business growth by adding expertise to their staff that not only increases overall productivity but also…

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Why the Philippines

Choosing the right location is critical to any successful offshoring strategy. There are many locations in the world that can be considered ‘offshoring’ hotspots. However, upon closer…


Offshoring risks and mitigating them

Without a doubt, offshoring others many benefits, but it does come with some risks too. We encourage our clients to consider both the benefits and risks when working out whether an offshore team is…